Jackets tonight

Infielder's bat carries Augusta

Braves notebook: Baylor readies for first Denver trip since firing

Braves keep perfect road record

Strawberry arrest stuns organization

Hill steps up for Cubs

North Augusta rolls on with win over Mustangs

Pitcher overpowers Alley Cats

Braves shuffle bullpen, more moves are likely

Last home opener for Brewers at County Stadium

New director heads downtown development

Home targets workers

'99 business expo opens its doors

Additional business news

Findings disputed by group

Company reports first-quarter results

Warning sites possible phone fraud

Additional business news

Minor adjustment

Manufacturing holds strong

Landmark recognizes Maj. Butt
For President William H. Taft and his wife, Helen ``Nellie'' Herron Taft, 1912 was personally bitter.

This day in the Millennium: April 16
1882: The cornerstone of King Mill was laid.

Little Tramp paid visit to city
Comedian Charlie Chaplin made it clear that he didn't plan on being funny during the seven hours he would be in Augusta on his 29th birthday.

This day in the Millennium: April 15
1829: Samuel Hale became mayor of Augusta after running unopposed.

Medical advancements raise ethical queries
On entering medicine, young doctors still affirm the Hippocratic oath. But some believe the ancient Greek ethical code needs updating after a century of research advances that have blurred once-sharp lines of right and wrong.

Stars push past Coyotes

Crowd roars for Gretzky

Gretzky looks within for big decision

Mighty Ducks fall to Blues

Bordeleau has neck surgery

Barnes pushes property tax legislation

State gets more audits than neighbor

Convention bill angers council member

Baseball produces serenity

Tornados rip through middle Georgia

Commissioner faces ethics charge

Residents resisting annexation effort

MCG fraud to be retold by CBS

Three arrested for prostitution in Columbia County

Predictive maintenance

Extension given OK by trustees

Governor signs tax credit bill

Last-minute filers race to beat clock

Released suspect leaves school job

Medical advancements raise ethical queries

Company to plant trees to shield house

Marketer hired for Bush Field

Local man likely top educator

Another brick in the wall

PeachCare rolls swell

Last portion of system to cost county $150,000

Franchise fees might get review

3 stores fined for selling minors alcohol

This day in the Millennium: April 15

Woman arrested in infant death

Defendants in drug case arraigned

Georgia Tech grant to aid urban development

Area briefs: Explosion claims another victim

School construction on schedule

Additional business news

High school transition programs useful, study says

Little Tramp paid visit to city

Officials at odds over highway completion

Today's the day for taxes

Exchange benefits educators

Lawmakers set aside $250,000 for Daniel Field

McDyess gets hand in Nuggets run over Nets

Krzyzewski calls Brand's decision a `no-brainer'

Iverson leads in scoring, but trails in endorsement race

Brand first to pull the plug on Coach K

Avery takes shot on NBA

Mrs. Florence Williams

Mrs. Thelma Lightfoot

Mr. Eugene Washington

Mrs. Leila Estilette

Mrs. Myrtle Tumlin

Mr. Charles Crites

Mrs. Helen Hadnagy

Mrs. Janet Neal

Mr. Erwin Gunnells

Mrs. Retha Perry

Mrs. Billie Greenway

Mr. D.J. Maxwell

Mrs. Inez Walker

Mrs. Katharine Anderson

Mr. Clyo Sapp

Ms. Tondalayo Gartrell

Miss I-Sis Simmons

Mr. Earl Lawton

Mr. Joe Slappy

Mr. James Floyd Jr.

Mr. Paul Eagleston

Mr. Willie Rivers

Mr. Doyle Tolliver

Mr. Alan Blitch

Mr. John Hawes Sr.

Mr. Francis Williamson

Mrs. Lucy Nelson

Mrs. Edna Chandler

Mrs. Lula Cannon

Mrs. Eunice Miller

Mr. Donald Newman

Mr. Author Roberts

Mr. Clarence Collie Jr.

Mrs. Lizzie Smith

Mrs. Anna Stevens

Mrs. Thelma Spoon

Mrs. Margaret Bush

Mr. John Hooper

Mrs. Hattie Lamback

Mr. Richard Holton Sr.

Mrs. Libby McNeely

Hits leaders on tax overpayments 041599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges military buildup with `surplus' 041599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Private prison construction: Ensure open bids! 041699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Ga. Games progress 041599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Asks for newspaper page on pets 041599 - The Augusta Chronicle

More alternative school 041599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Opposes sale of health care center 041599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Overhaul tax code! 041599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Vital school bus service is nation's largest transit system, and the safest 041699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Warns of plans for juvenile facility 041599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Suggests U.S. arm the Albanians 041699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Falcons size up late round pickings

NFL teams wonder if Collins is worth risk

Dierdorf hired at CBS

Elam hopes to make track history

Bill Rodgers returns to a scene of his great successes

Utah Sports Authority approves delay in sports park sale to SLOC

Irwin hopes to shake slump in Seniors' Championship

Another Spanish golfer makes bid for major title

Overtime: Gretzky will make decision by Sunday

Fishing report: River striped bass rebound

Newman resigns after 0-4 start

Forrest defends welterweight title

Bengals likely to try again for a QB

Skier unhampered by sight problems

Panthers focus on linemen, receivers

Group seeks women to join in golf outings

Six players, two coaches from non-Division I programs elected to hall

A lot of NFL teams want quarterbacks

Senator turns over some Holyfield-Lewis evidence to DA

Tom Jones concert postponed until fall

Pokemon phenomenon

Insightful jazz images

Atlanta Bread Company sandwiches are special

Health calendar

Applause calendar

Jones concert postponed

Children draw on sports

Video watch

Concert calendar

Naming disease clears air about rare disorder

Club calendar

'Life' finds humor, warmth in a dark place

Annual gardens can offer splash of color with a little care

`Scared Straight!' revisits its subjects 20 years later

Ramblin' Rhodes: Album may produce another country star

Mini movie reviews

Health capsules

'ER' still Nielsens' top show; Masters coverage ties for 10th

Panda Inn offers Chinese cuisine

Everything's vine

Resolve and defiance fill Petty's 'Echo'

Advisor: Augusta's air not healthy some days

AOL volunteers say they're exploited

Archeologists to unearth eight Roman ships near Pisa

Reagan's daughter seeks increased research funding

Georgians second in nation in e-filing taxes

Pakistan conducts second nuclear capable missile test

All TV, all the time on the Internet

Child's remains found in 2,800-year-old tomb near city hall

Benjamin Franklin and friends: Creating a "republic of science"

Breast cancer community braces for studies questioning radical treatment

Guru uses web to help stars shape up

Officials say forest fire threat far from over

Banks undergo 'time travel' to ready for Year 2000

Parents sue pharmacy, alleging prescription mistake