Baseball opener historic

Red-hot bats help Jackets win pair

Castilla's coming home, and Mexican fans hope he'll homer

Manager reflects on coaching MJ

Starting over

'Stunt man' Harris to start for Rockies

Klesko looking to put questions to rest

Athletics 15, Giants 3, 5

Blue Jays 11, Royals 7

Red Sox, Royals start season on Monday

Vaughn the star attraction for Reds' opener

Johnson-Brown matchup tops openers

Braves begin season confident

Braves set opening day roster with no surprises

Mariners to play final opener in Kingdome

Braves notes: Wohlers looks sharp in return to Atlanta

Twins 8, Cubs 6

Good teams made of better cash

Padres 7, White Sox 4

Business calendar

Internet may redefine service

Swanson turning up heat in market for TV dinners

Business briefs: Spinoff company buys shopping center

Tax deadline is near

Firm dresses up, not down, at week's end

Teams gaining ground

Finding work is tough for disabled

On the move

Presentation is firm's focus

Land of opportunity

Fools offer tips for investing

Q&A: Mullins sees what develops

Mission Statements as a Management Tool

Gen X seeks satisfaction

Pfaltzgraff heeds consumers' tastes

Listening can solve problems

Gen X seeks satisfaction

Choices abound for contact lenses

Owners go back for seconds

Car dealers join forces -- sort of

World commerce goes bananas

Shopping center sees fast growth

Owner stresses manners

Land of opportunity

Developer helps shape Evans

Business briefcase: Stores still have edge over online shopping

This day in the Millennium: March 5
1892: Evangelist Sam Jones' revival sparked a movement for Prohibition in Augusta.

1925: A look at the 20th Century
By 1925, the great party of the Roaring '20s wasn't quite over but it was definitely beginning to sour.

You pick 'em: Top stories of 20th Century
Which events of the last 10 decades are the top stories of the 20th century? Here's an opportunity to make your selections, decade by decade.

This day in the Millennium: April 4
1838: Delegates at the Convention of Merchants passed the ``Augusta Declaration of Independence of April 4, 1838'' -- a resolution urging completion of railroads to connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River valley.

Top news of the century
1838: Delegates at the Convention of Merchants passed the ``Augusta Declaration of Independence of April 4, 1838'' -- a resolution urging completion of railroads to connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River valley.

Fishing for simplicity

Lynx are Patafie's passion

Playoff hockey: 'Nothing else like it'

Lynx season in review

Berg a priceless commodity in playoffs

Can Lynx make title run without captain?

Lynx, fans have unique love affair

For rookies, grunt work part of the job

Lynx playoff pluses, minuses

Lynx digest: Wiebe wants focus during Masters Week

Lambert's demeanor crucial in the net

Kingfish will provide test for Lynx

Flyers blank Philadelphia, 3-0

Red Wings roll over Dallas, 3-0

Colbourne seeking that elusive brass ring

Wiebe looking for titles as player, coach

Colbourne seeking elusive brass ring

Stormwater issue fires up residents

Governor sets bar higher for schools

Concertgoers in festive mood

Egg hunters dive into contest

This day in the Millennium: April 4

Frog jump participants take a leap

Olympic bombing libel case lingers

Stormwater fee hits next year

Johnston fair draws big crowd

Room rates rise for Masters

Additional area news: Students raise funds for friend

Foreign language class excites pupils

Aquatics center director sought

Aiken County attracts retirees

Eternal flow

ROTC squad prepares for competition

Life is just one birdie putt away

This day in the Millennium: March 5

Georgia Games put Augusta to test

Pair accused of killing toddler

Top news of the century

Early risers celebrate Easter

Water-skiers bring new event to championship

Family can stay in area

Use of inhalants remains largely unchanged among teen-agers

Children's care questioned

Inspections keep managers on their toes

Baby boomers change traditions for funerals

1925: A look at the 20th Century

College official makes ideas aid community

Across the area: Agency to sponsor boat safety classes

You pick 'em: Top stories of 20th Century

Stucco homes prompt lawsuits

76ers, Iverson crisis continues

Hawks post 6th straight victory over Charlotte

Pacers outlast Knicks

Heat ends losing streak, takes Wizards, 90-79

Mr. Johnnie Hood

Ms. Fredricka Smith

Mrs. Lucille Jones

Mrs. Tiny Hines

Mr. Henry Matthews III

Matthew Eason

Mrs. Dorothy Moore

Mrs. Lucille Reed

Mr. Vannie Brabham

Miss Lucy Fortson

Mr. Paul Stroud

Mr. James Lightsey

Mrs. Marie Williams

Mrs. Annie Merritt

Mr. Arthur Smith

Mrs. Ida Combs

Mrs. Elizabeth Owens

Mrs. Lorene Garvin

Mrs. Tiny Hines

Mr. Henry Matthews III

Mr. Robert Brady

Mr. Leland Buhl

Ms. Ruby Lindsay

Mr. T.H. Owens

Mr. Bill Hooks

Mrs. Eunice Martin

Mr. Elmer Clifton

Ms. Bessie Moxley

Mr. Joseph Hopkins

Mrs. Myrtle Corley

Slams Annan's `snub' of Africa 040599 - The Augusta Chronicle

F-117 `protectors' 040499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Offers `litmus test' to GOP senators 040599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Gore: dumb SRS edict 040599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Seeks enforcement of litter laws 040599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: Hiding the truth about Kosovo from Americans 040599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Pities those pretending racism is dead 040599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants Clinton traded for P.O.W.s 040599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: Georgia spotlighted in voting-rights case 040499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts oil drilling in Alaska refuge 040599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Easter reflections 040499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says leaders unfettered by Constitution 040599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Book review: Vice President Gore, we hardly knew ye 040499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Bonner takes lead in UK quarterback competition

Wier, Cink earn share of lead

Augusta State sets tournament record

A year later, O'Meara still gets goose bumps over his Masters win

Edwards begins road to recovery

Duval surges to win BellSouth Classic

Jackets' Walker high on many schools' lists

Jaguars win own event in record manner

Greens a hot topic around PGA Tour

The best week of the year arrives in Augusta

Hingis, Kournikova advance to championship

Polaris loans jet ski for rangers' use

Tech scrambles to fill basketball needs, again

Overtime: King's goal for 300 to join tennis rolls

Tech scrambles to fill basketball needs -- again

Hingis shows who rules women's tennis

ACC roundup: Defense the focus for Tech

Courier slowing down in the circuit

Edwards ready for chance to shine

Champions Dinner can be a tough course

Arts calendar

Brush strokes

Vessel sightings defy logical explanation

New Bradford book offers 'Sudden Change of Heart'

Mountain tests spirit of climbers

Best selling books

Concertgoers in festive mood

Concertgoers party with Goo Goo Dolls

The right place for a great shot

Gone fishin'

Real-life spy novel long but compelling

The right place for a great shot

New items of interest

For those lured to sport, 'Fisherman's Bait' offers entertainment

PC options virtually without limit

Y2K books big sellers at Christian stores

Chemicals could take sweat out of lawn care

Touring the information superhighway

'After Dark Games' addictive anytime

Chinese online markets sought

Web escrow service can provide safety net

Gore under attack over Internet claim

New browser for Macintosh doesn't hog space

Have you updated your video driver lately?

'Syphon Filter' delivers the goods

Iraq bans Viagra

File organization weaves tangled web

Microsoft's new browser gives surfers an assist

Suspected virus author to plead innocence

Y2K fears to keep thousands of workers at home

Cracking case of hidden messages