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Blasts AP `news' as propaganda 031099 - The Augusta Chronicle

It is fairly well-known now, except by journalism schools and professors, that mainstream television such as CBS, NBC and ABC turn out nothing but liberal or socialist propaganda packaged as news, just as Soviet Union propaganda was packaged as Pravda (truth). But does The Chronicle realize it is the national or world news propaganda arm for our area via the Associated Press?

This occurs everyday in every AP story.

For instance, on Feb. 28 page 6F you ran a review by Marcus Eliason of AP about a book, Archangel, by Robert Harris, published by Random House (which is telling about that firm).

The novel, highly praised by AP, is set circa 1993, and is about the result of democracy replacing communism in Russia. AP writes: "Decay is everywhere," and notes that the book "Portrays a battered and demoralized Russia."

AP adds: "Russia now has millionaires, an elderly Communist diehard laments, but also `organized crime, unemployment, AIDS, prostitution, drug addiction ... Such progress! Such freedoms!"'

The review, which calls Joseph Stalin "the great dictator," notes: "Westerners who wonder why so many Russians are nostalgic for the communist era may find Archangel enlightening." (Is the butcher, Stalin, the book's angelic archangel?) What this review reveals is AP, itself, when linked with its other "news" stories. ...

On Feb. 24, AP paraphrased that the U.S. Commerce Department said that the now-rejected sale of technology to China, whichwould have helped them blow us up, would have "strength-en(ed) U.S. national security" (by financially helping the firm which builds our military satellites).

On March 2, 1998, AP wrote that "some of China's long-range nuclear missiles are pointed at targets in the United States." This was OK, AP then insisted, because "Mr. Clinton has asserted in scores of speeches that no nuclear weapons are pointed at the United States," which contradicts AP's own story, that AP said was based on a U.S. intelligence report.

AP then wrote that one result of Mr. Clinton's "repeated remarks (about no China missiles) has been to ... dampen enthusiasm for a costly national missile defense system advocated by many Republicans." But not by AP.

The AP sees a Stalin-like figure in our future and should be dropped by The Chronicle.

Tom Hunter,Augusta


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