Originally created 03/10/99

Hits harassment of volunteers group 031099 - The Augusta Chronicle

The March 3 Rick McKee cartoon and Charles Oellerich's March 6 letter prompted me to write.

On Feb. 20 my volunteer group (BellSouth Georgia Pioneers, Augusta Life Member Club) and I were cleaning up a one-mile stretch on Peach Orchard Road, also known as Highway 25, from Horne's Motor Lodge to Lumpkin Road.

As we were picking up trash on both sides of the road, cars were blowing their horns at us, for what reason I wouldn't know. One driver, while blowing the horn, threw a bag of trash out into the middle of the road. If this is an indication of how people feel about the trash on our roads, we are in sad shape.

While there are people who care and spend their Saturday morning picking up trash that others so thoughtlessly throw into our roads, it is not enough to keep them clean. More should be done by our local government to remedy the situation by either fining the culprits or making them clean up a one mile stretch of highway once a month for a 12-month period. ...

M. H. Casalino,Augusta


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