Originally created 03/10/99

Race is on to make first millennium baby

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. You have a chance to make history -- or at least the Guinness Book of World Records -- but you're going to have to hurry. You have just a little over a month to prepare.

Assuming the average 266-day, or 38-week, gestation period, Friday, April 9, is the (un)official conception date for anyone determined to give birth to the first baby of the new millennium, Little Millee or Baby Lenny -- or both.

Dr. Michael Zinaman, an obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive endocrinologist and associate professor at Loyola University in Chicago, says at least 10 people have asked him in the past two weeks if he could help them.

"People are starting to plan where they're going to spend New Year's Eve. I have a feeling it will be a very busy time for deliveries," he said.

The Web site BabyCenter.com is helping parents-to-be with Millennium Baby Central, a new section of its pregnancy and parenting Web site. The site says the optimal conception period is between March 27 and April 10.

Millenium Baby Central has interviews with would-be millennium mothers, health and conception advice from doctors, and online chats, daily polls and bulletin boards for exchanging information with other aspiring millennium parents.

And there are articles such as Sex Positions for Baby Making, Detecting Ovulation, Diet for a Healthy Mom-to-be, and Foods and Fertility. In addition, the site offers online tools, including an ovulation calculator and a due-date calculator.

The BabyCenter Online Store also offers the Millennium Conception Kit -- a $49.99 special that includes Taking Charge of Your Fertility, a guide to getting pregnant, as well as pregnancy and ovulation-prediction tests.

There are some drawbacks to having a millennium baby. While the world is rockin' in the big 2000 with hats, horns and massive amounts of champagne, you will be spending New Year's Eve 1999 in heavy labor.

Still interested? Then you might want to heed this conception advice from Natural Prescriptions for Women. Momma wannabes should give up caffeine -- no Cokes, tea or coffee -- and take a folic acid supplement. Poppa wannabes should give up briefs and tight jeans in favor of boxers and baggy pants and take vitamins C, E, selenium and zinc.

The rest, ladies and gentlemen, is up to you.Associated Press reports were also used in this article.


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