Originally created 03/09/99

Money's all around if you just look

Money is a sizzling topic with teens. More and more, teens ask to borrow the greens.

Borrowing money is fine, but when the borrower doesn't pay back the cash, it can be a little maddening -- even if it was just a nickel. Pennies, nickels and quarters do add up.

An easy way to turn your measly piggy bank into an obese boar is to pick up money you see on the ground. Augusta teen Erin Stintson has collected $10 in less than a month. She says, "I think people are just too lazy to bend down and pick up the moola."

Ummm, hel-lo? FREE CASH!

Having spare change is especially important considering that the price to use a public phone is now 35 cents (a 10-cent increase) and the price of a stamp is now 33 cents (a 1-cent increase).

So the next time someone borrows money from you, tell him he'd better pay it back. And the next time you see a coin smiling up at you, pick it up! As Ben Franklin always said, "A penny saved is a penny earned," and we know where that got him -- on the $100 bill!

Yee Yee Pu is a freshman at Lakeside High School and a member of The Augusta Chronicle Teen Board.


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