Originally created 03/09/99

Deport Doris Meissner 030999 - The Augusta Chronicle

"We don't need to import criminals to our country. We have enough of our own."

So says U.S. Rep. Elton Gallegly, R-Calif., in chiding Immigration and Naturalization Commissioner Doris Meissner for setting too many criminal aliens free and not spending all the money Congress has allocated to the agency to hire more U.S. Border Patrol personnel.

Incredibly, Meissner never used all of the money Congress appropriated a year ago to hire 1,000 badly-needed border guards -- which has led even liberal Democratic congressmen from Texas to openly chide her mismanagement.

During the same week Meissner was found not using available money for new hires, she issued a stupid memo outlining cuts! Crusty Appropriations Committee Chairman Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, weighed in with a warning: If the INS persists in "shooting itself in the foot. I'm going to shoot them in the other foot!"


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