Originally created 03/09/99

Raps Veterans Administration cuts 030999 - The Augusta Chronicle

I protest layoffs at the Veterans Administration Hospital and agree with letter writer Chuck Pardue.

My husband is a member of the Disabled American Veterans and is in the Home Nursing Care Unit at the uptown division. I have seen what it will do to the veterans if the nurses are out. I also understand that the food service personnel are going to take a large cut.

Each licensed practical nurse has between seven to 10 veterans to take care of each shift, and it is hard for them. The men who are in wheelchairs, and can't help themselves, have to stay in the wheelchairs all day since there are not enough people to help them get to bed for a rest.

We can send money overseas, but cannot give it to help our veterans who have given to their country? They were given promises that have not been kept.

I hope everyone contacts their senators and congressman and urges them to restore VA funding.

We have some good people working there. Let's not lose them.

Marjorie V. Walworth,Hephzibah


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