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Muses over fate of convicted killer 030999 - The Augusta Chronicle

For those who may think being alive in prison for the rest of his life is not a good enough punishment, consider some other perspectives.

William Lumpkin, as a lawyer, knew his rights. He knew the system and ultimately took his chance on thinking he knew what people might think, or could be made to think.

His admission of guilt (to murder) can be taken two ways. One is that he's courageous for admitting the truth; the other is cowardly by seemingly thinking that somewhere in the future laws may change and he may have a chance at freedom.

There is another way to look at this and it involves self-centered selfishness on Mr. Lumpkin's part for the victims on both sides. As a husband, father and grandfather I know if I was gone there would be a void for my family as much as for Stan White's family. ... The lawyers fees have surely put a serious dent in their lifestyle. ...

No, Mr. Lumpkin did what he did for one reason only -- to keep breathing. ... He punishes his family by association. They may be free to leave their house, but they are in a prison of their own.

Above all, Mr. Lumpkin gets the last laugh at all people by getting TV, book access, three meals a day and above all, a much better medical plan than he could have done himself.

Despite all his rhetoric, Mr. Lumpkin has proved to me the only one he cares about is himself -- he's self-centered and selfish. I hope he enjoys being with others of the same ilk for as long as the inmates allow it.

Matthew R. Stevens,Hephzibah

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