Originally created 03/09/99

Contemplates Clinton trial 030999 - The Augusta Chronicle

Now that the Republican attempt to assassinate the president has failed, the time is right for a few observations.

Credit for the survival of our tripartite form of government must go to the 45 Democratic senators who formed a rock-solid wall against the treasonous onslaught of the radical Republicans. And although their votes were constitutionally insignificant, a tip of the hat must also go to the tiny handful of GOP senators who summoned the courage to defy their party leaders and uphold their oaths of office.

The major villain of this sorry piece, of course, is the unctious Rep. Tom Delay, R-Tex. -- the chief architect of assassination who unleashed on a stunned America that small cadre of hit-men known as the 13 House managers (actually, there were 14, counting Brit Hume of Fox Television News).

These 13 willful little men, shameless in their pursuit of self-justification, horrified the American people with their swinish attitudes and arrogant expectation that the head of the president should be brought to them on a silver platter. ...

We the people... do not have to accept their wretched excess. ...

Jay Connail,Augusta


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