Originally created 03/09/99

Seeks teamwork from Aiken Council 030999 - The Augusta Chronicle

I am appalled at the flagrant disrespect toward elected and appointed officials and the citizens by many members of the Aiken County Council. It is evident that many have hidden agendas and do not speak for, or represent, the people. When an individual who is elected by the people and should represent them makes a comment like "I won," this clearly shows it's personal.

Local government should be a true representation of the people -- all of the people, not selected groups. They should not let personal animosities guide their judgment on the issues that affect the common citizen.

Aiken County is one of the largest counties in the state. The cities of North Augusta and Aiken have the best of everything, yet the county is way behind the times.

Why? Aiken County is not poor or underdeveloped. We have major corporations and businesses, not to mention equestrian events each year that bring in revenue. Council members should redirect their energies and get first-hand information before speaking out about issues of which they have no knowledge. ...

To make Aiken County the best in South Carolina will require teamwork. But this will never happen until certain Council members realize there is no "I" in "team."

Kellie R. Wilson,Belvedere


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