Originally created 03/09/99

Analyzes our editorial endorsements 030999 - The Augusta Chronicle

More than winners, most times you (editorially) endorse losers -- and you despise winners.

Case in point:

You wanted so badly for the Senate to remove President Bill Clinton.

You wanted to elect Mitch Skandalakis (for Georgia lieutenant governor).

You endorsed Bob Dole and Jack Kemp (for president and vice president in 1996).

You endorsed George Bush and Dan Quayle when they ran against Mr. Clinton and Al Gore.

However, I agree on those occasions when you have not taken leave of your senses. You did endorse some winners:

You endorsed Roy Barnes (for governor of Georgia) when it was obvious he couldn't lose.

You endorsed Bob Young, when you couldn't bear to endorse Ed McIntyre.

In the case of your handling of Mr. Clinton, you were only with 30-odd percent of the American people. Please don't even mention the 70 percent of people who disapproved of Mr. Clinton's behavior. It is only 50 percent of all the people who didn't want him removed from the office, and the remaining are the mean right wing who are always Clinton haters -- including Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga., former Rep. Robert Dornan, R-Ca., Chronicle editorial page editor Phil Kent and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Thank goodness, with 10 or so Republican candidates vying for the presidency, and public sentiment about Republicans such as it is, Mr. Gore is going to have an easy time in getting elected, especially if he chooses a woman to run with him. ...

Giri S. Venkatraman,Evans


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