Cather confident after surgery

Braves notebook

Gant accuses La Russa of racism

Yankees' starting five throw together for first time

Teammates give McGwire TV appearance thumbs-up

Evans' no-hitter defeats Greenbrier

Position not a first for Klesko

Braves notebook: Wohlers up to speed

Levis will lay off 871 workers in Valdosta

Mutual fund investors must be protected, regulators say

Want to buy a mall?

Sundstrand to be acquired by United Technologies

Consumer confidence up for fourth straight month

Dollar hits high against yen

Levi Strauss to close 11 plants, slash 5,900 jobs

Dow close to record high

Russia agrees to cut steel exports to U.S.

Additional business news

Coca-Cola partners with Peruvian soft drink company

Deadline near for job tax

Additional business news

Survey: Job market to slow in Augusta

Court sides with FCC in dispute with 'Baby Bells'

Truck deaths renew call for safety measures

Pinkerton to be acquired Swedish company

Greenspan: U.S. economy is surprisingly robust

Telecom Italia shares jump after takeover bid

Teens losing interest in Levis

County development officials balk at incentives

Many options open to new mall development

Columbia/HCA's earnings disappoint

Court rules for NCAA in sex-bias case

Augusta State advances to semifinals

USC Aiken ousted in overtime

Jaguars win in overtime

This day in the millennium -- February 23
Suribachi, where they raised the American flag. In 1822, Boston was granted a charter to incorporate as a city. In 1954, the first mass inoculation of children against polio with the Salk vaccine began in Pittsburgh.

This day in the millennium -- February 24
On Feb. 24, 1868, the House of Representatives impeached President Andrew Johnson following his attempted dismissal of Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton; Johnson was later acquitted by the Senate.

Military Park offers history and economic boost
VICKSBURG, Miss. -- Today it is a tranquil place of marble monuments and weathered cannons, a far cry from the bloody fighting on these rolling hills that killed thousands and brought a proud city to its knees.

Jackets blow out Hornets

State playoffs begin today

Team has grown stronger through season

Middle school, third place: Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King was born in the year 1929. He was a United States clergyman and civil rights leader. King became the nation's most prominent spokesman for equal justice for Black Americans.

Middle schools, first place: Dr. Charles G. Larke
Dr. Charles G. Larke is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Larke. He was born in a small rural community of Kathwood, South Carolina. He has contributed to Richmond County, Georgia in many ways.

Gallery highlights black artists
The Morris Museum of Art is honoring Black History Month by dedicating a special exhibit to three Georgia African-American artists and by kicking off a new educational program to teach children about black history.

Middle schools, second place: Springfield Baptist Church -- An Impact on Black History
Founded in 1787, Springfield Baptist Church is the oldest independently formed black Baptist Church in America. It is also a place with one of America's most interesting histories.

High school, third place: The Voice of Velvet - Jessye Norman
In 1945, Jessye Norman was born in Augusta, Georgia. She was one of the five children produced by Silas and Jane Norman. Her parents believed that their family focus should be on church and school. Their children were required to go to school.

County museum features three eras
The Augusta-Richmond County Museum offers a visual timeline of Augusta's black history.

High school, first place: Butterfly McQueen
Many important and influential people have passed through the great city of Augusta, Georgia. In my opinion, one of the most important is Butterfly McQueen.

Financial advisers need ties of trust
Finding the right financial adviser is critical.

Museum follows educator's footsteps
The Lucy C. Laney Museum of Black History provides a wealth of information on the life and times of Miss Laney and encourages the appreciation of black art.

Essayists honor local figures
Students from area high schools and middle schools showed their respect for local African-American figures by participating in the Black History Student Essay Contest.

High school, second place: Amanda Dickson
Amanda Dickson was famous for becoming the richest black woman in the South. She was the daughter of a rich plantation owner and was legally a slave herself when she was awarded the money through her father's will. There was some controversy over this, but she got the money and settled in Augusta.

Blackhawks fire Graham as coach

Success has hurt the Lynx

Body found in area pond may be missing resident

Military Park offers history and economic boost

Contamination source found

Middle schools, second place: Springfield Baptist Church -- An Impact on Black History

Prison van crashes

Airport board OKs transfer

Tax reduction plan approved by House

Home: Complaints investigated

Bill may loosen teen penalties

State's forest acreage grows

Window treatment

Barnes pushes health agency, consolidation

City may privatize its wastewater plant

Ted Turner to address graduates

High school, third place: The Voice of Velvet - Jessye Norman

Taxes, regulation planned for video gambling industry

Columbia County starts work on director posts

Hospital patients may be moved out

Program closes communication gap

'48 Hours' moves women to bail out murder suspect

Panel guts pet projects in budget

Legos help students build for future

Essayists honor local figures

Financial advisers need ties of trust

Museum follows educator's footsteps

Buffalo Soldiers re-enactors ride to preserve history

Jury weighing Lumpkin's fate today

Inn's cereal to be marketed

High school, second place: Amanda Dickson

Aiken hospital settles in sexual assault lawsuit

Middle school, third place: Martin Luther King

Gallery highlights black artists

This day in the millennium -- February 23

Thurmond unfazed by attention in Clinton trial

Council lacks new petitions for annexation

Across the area

Forum tackles policies

Treatment plant may snag river development

Official blames racism in health gap

Survey shows forest acreage grew slightly

Jury finds man guilty of stabbing, kidnapping

Across the area

County museum features three eras

Citadel lawsuit delayed

Driver released on bond

Task force to emphasize litter education

Superintendent to get to respond to external audit

This day in the millennium -- February 24

Middle schools, first place: Dr. Charles G. Larke

Lumpkin guilty of murder

City council approves waste contract

Officials approve fee raises

Man walks with cross 400 miles

Southern signs are in the stars

Stiffer rules on animal wastes sought

Studies will help city plan more projects

Pistons drive by Raptors

Van Exel says Lakers may be making big mistake

Hawks fall to struggling Bulls

Rodman moves closer to joining Lakers

Mourning up to old tricks in Heat's win over Wizards

Mr. Marion Holston

Mrs. Virginia Chapman

Mr. W. Mitchell Flint

Mr. Grant Stephens

Mr. Henry Wilson

Mr. William Henderson

Mr. Junior Roberts Sr.

Mrs. Catherine Heffernan

Mrs. Dorothy Stevens

Mrs. Alberta Shedrick

Mr. Leon Perkerson

Mr. Forrest Royal Jr.

Mrs. Helen Howard

Mrs. Louise Wolfe

Mr. Arthur Lamb

Mr. Reginald Ramsey

Mr. Samuel Singfield Sr.

Mrs. Annie Bird

Mrs. Reba Dempsey

Mr. George Turman Jr.

Mrs. Doris Durand

Mr. Arthur Lamb

Mr. Jack Browning

Mr. William Smith Jr.

Mr. Abe Watson

Mrs. Marguerite Maloney

Mr. Jimmy Anderson

Mr. Donald Smith

Mr. Derry Green

Mr. Benjamin Martin

Mr. Danny Newman Sr.

Mr. Willard Moore

Mr. Jackson Thomas

Says GOP moderates held hostage 022499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Slams `childish behavior' over airports 022499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Calls Democrats `Party of Deceit' 022399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Good site use 022499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Ted & Jane losers 022399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Kill term-limit hike 022499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges movement beyond Senate trial 022399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Muses that `friendship' is difficult 022499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Glimpses discouraging view of future 022399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Moving? Come here! 022499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts study of Sheriff's Department 022499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Defends carrying gun for protection 022399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Cap airport transfers! 022399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Denies River Watch lights synchronized 022499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Predicts more scandals will follow 022499 - The Augusta Chronicle


Slumping Faldo has high hopes for Match Play

Ravens to adopt new helmet logo

Braves notebook: Wohlers up to speed

IOC inquiry to end this weekend

Salary caps make sense

Olympic sponsors concerned about openness

Match Play has Tiger fired up

Semi-pro football opens doors in Augusta

Tommy Delutz Jr. holds onto National Championship lead

Tyson could lose privileges for jail outburst

Tyson to go it alone during hearing

Evans' no-hitter defeats Greenbrier

Ali's daughter following in his footsteps

Cather confident after surgery


Javelin change wipes out Joyner-Kersee's heptathlon record

Jewel of the diamond

Study: Risque conduct rampant on cable wrestling shows

Age-old question: Power bars not source of health

30 years later, the subject is still sex

Light version of Lazy Daisy Cake reduces fat content

Small portions

The people's pharmacy: Mixture of oils offers winter comfort

Baked pudding a tasty hit

Faking it

Celebrity skin

The senior calendar

Actress ready to leave 'Home' after eight years

Higher temperatures tenderizes meats

Supermarket shopper

High school, first place: Butterfly McQueen

Xtreme screen

Marketers targeting U.S. teen-agers more

Veggie value

Xtreme style

Xtreme advice: Respect is important part of a relationship

Xtreme audio: Chart toppers

Net chat: J.C. Chasez from 'N Sync

Xtreme calendar

Treatment cuts deaths from cervical cancer in half

Acer to stop in-store computer sales in U.S.

`Cybersquatters' ordered to surrender domain names to Microsoft

Jones: Deal will close in March

Program promotes job ideas

MTV, Nickelodeon to expand Web presence

Microsoft employee contradicts top executives

AOL kills neighborhood marketing plan

U.S. rejects Hughes satellite export

Campaign underway against IV bags made of PVC

White House chief confident of Y2K solutions

Internet options for booking flights are expanding daily

Microsoft witness was doubted by Gates, too

Study: Classrooms are wired, but teachers unprepared

Russian money woes may end Mir missions

CompuServe gets a new look

Online today

3Com agrees to buy Andover company