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Describes future according to seer 022199 - The Augusta Chronicle

Last summer I wrote a letter in which I quoted part of a quatrain written by the 16th Century seerNostradamus. Some interpreters believe the United States and Russia will be at war with China in July 1999. North Korea should also be added to this equation.

In other verses, Nostradamus clearly states an Arabian "king" will be the "terror of mankind." This king, more likely a dictator or terrorist in light of today's events, will wage war with the West. This, of course, has and is already occurring. It's been reported that Osama bin Laden has now allied himself with Saddam Hussein. Veteran weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, stated that Mr. Hussein has missiles capable of reaching any major European city. Also, a 60 Minutes report said Mr. Hussein, in all probability, has nuclear weapons.

An interesting footnote is that a new, real king has now entered the picture -- King Abudullah of Jordan. The more contemporary prophet, Jeanne Dixon, once predicted a powerful world leader would be born in the Middle East in 1962. If that's true, King Abdullah, at the age 37, could be this leader. This may seem unlikely, but it remains to be seen whether this untested king will be like his father or instead, the king of terror.

Nostradamus made more than 1,000 predictions. Incredible as it sounds, according to the docudrama film The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, over half of these prophesies have already come true. Keep in mind this film was made nearly 20 years ago, and since then, even more predictions have been fulfilled.

What is really sobering about all of this are these haunting words Nostradamus wrote about a city located near 45 degrees latitude: "... the new city in the way of man-made mountains shall be seized on and plunged into ferment." The man-made mountains refer to skyscrapers; the obliterated city, experts agree, can only be New York.

Joe Hamilton, Dearing


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