Originally created 02/21/99

Want illegally parked cars ticketed 022199 - The Augusta Chronicle

We are very conscious of illegally parked cars on the streets of North Augusta. Cars parked facing the wrong way are very dangerous, especially at night, as no reflectors are showing. It is against the law!

One of our relatives hit such a vehicle on West Avenue recently. He could have been killed. He was fortunate to come out with two shattered bones, a badly cut lip and several teeth knocked out. He faces surgery on his hand. He was not charged in the accident, but neither was the owner of the "illegally but permissibly" parked vehicle (police term). So our relative's insurance has to pay to repair an illegally parked vehicle.

Our street, Courtney Drive, has so many "illegally but permissibly" parked cars, it is like driving an obstacle course. Even worse is Ridgefield Drive in the North Woods II subdivision.

We have made our concerns known to the North Augusta Public Safety Department. A few tickets given for this infraction may save a life.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Horton, North Augusta


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