Originally created 02/21/99

Lauds paper's support for HB 387 022199 - The Augusta Chronicle

Thank you for supporting the Georgia preemption of frivolous lawsuits against the firearms industry.

Various media have characterized the South as the source of all the wrongs one can find in the big cities up North; they conveniently ignore those cities' own abject failure to make criminals obey laws just because those laws are on paper. However, there is a more important reason to support HB 387: frivolous lawsuits are a lightly-disguised handcuff on Miss Liberty.

This country seems to be begging for shackles whenever it is faced with freedom; people believe the words of paid liars, who tell us that we cheat on our wives, just like our president. It is a small thing to believe our neighbor shouldn't be allowed to have some things. But if you have a firearm in your home, you may consider it an excellent barometer of your rights and commensurate responsibilities. As these rights are attacked directly through legislation or indirectly through litigation, you will also find firearms ownership the "canary" of dictatorship.

As various forces tell us we are too inept to be trusted with firearms, can the removal of the right to vote be far behind? I mean, voters have to be told how to vote -- why not just eliminate that unnecessary step? The Constitution applies to everyone, whether they can read this or not. Never surrender a right to anyone because you wish to be done with a responsibility -- you can tell the ruling class anywhere by the number of rights they enjoy.

John Culbert, Williston

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