Originally created 02/21/99

Norwood still angry at Clinton

On the birthday of a president known for telling the truth, Congressman Charlie Norwood visited Martinez's St. Teresa Church on Saturday night to discuss a president many in the Republican Party consider a born liar.

"I find it very fitting that I'm here to tell you tonight on George Washington's birthday that it's always appropriate to tell the American public the truth," said Mr. Norwood, R-Ga. "And with regards to our current commander-in-chief, I think you all know how I voted."

Referring to the past several months of the impeachment trial of President Clinton, Mr. Norwood told the crowd of mostly military veterans that the U.S. Senate's recent vote not to approve two articles of impeachment against Mr. Clinton upset him.

"I tell ya, I'm just completely disgusted with that whole bunch right now," he said. "I think now, even if we could get every vote in the House on something that's right, we still probably couldn't even get six votes in the Senate for it."

Issues concerning Social Security and health care for military personnel also came up, once again bringing Mr. Norwood's focus back to Mr. Clinton.

"I'm of the belief that we should say to the American people that this is Social Security money and it all should stay there," he said. "But right now, we have a president who's saying that only 60 percent of the (budget) surplus should go into it.

"And I'm afraid that we're not going to be able to fix health care for our soldiers until the year 2000."

Mr. Norwood likewise said that if a vote were to come to the House on sending 4,000 American troops to Kosovo, he would vote "a definite no," going against a current proposal of the president.


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