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Readers of 'Chronicle' had some success playing Cupid

Mike Frazier took a deep breath before sharing details about his date with Susan Chance.

"It was awful," he said. "I asked if she wanted a glass of wine, and she picked up a steak knife and chased me around the parking lot."

Mr. Frazier laughed after that, explaining that he was teasing and actually had an excellent time.

His sense of humor is one of the things Ms. Chance likes about him.

The two were one of three couples matched up by readers of The Augusta Chronicle. A story in Sunday's newspaper introduced 12 date candidates (six men and six women). Readers were asked to pair the men and women they found best suited to each other. The contest drew 2,467 votes by phone and e-mail. We sent the three couples who received the most votes out for dinner Tuesday night.

Ms. Chance, an occupational therapist, and Mr. Frazier, executive vice president of Augusta Staffing, were the most popular pairing, bringing in 706 votes. After dinner at Outback Steakhouse, they went to Shannon's Food & Spirits and talked the night away.

"He's very witty," Ms. Chance said of Mr. Frazier. "He made funny comments throughout the conversation."

Ms. Chance said the two have a lot in common.

"We both like outdoor activities; we're both family oriented; and we both like to talk," she said. "He likes the mountains. I like the mountains. He likes the beach. I like the beach."

Mr. Frazier said Ms. Chance also has a good sense of humor.

"She's down-to-earth," he said. "I was kind of surprised that it went so great. The whole thing about blind dates, you don't know what to expect, but I had a great time. She's a great lady."

The date went so well that they plan to see each other again this weekend.

A PINK CARNATION sitting in a vase on Amy Crawford's table Wednesday morning let her know that her date with Michael Bryce wasn't a dream.

"I saw the carnation he gave me, and I was like, `It really did happen,"' Ms. Crawford said. Readers cast 225 votes pairing them.

Ms. Crawford, a legal secretary, and Mr. Bryce, a technician for Bridgestone Tires, went to King George Pub for dinner.

"Our date went really, really, really well," Ms. Crawford said. "We didn't realize how much we had in common. We talked and talked and laughed and laughed. We never stopped talking. We didn't look at the menu for a solid hour."

Mr. Bryce's third-shift work schedule only allowed the two to stay out three hours, but they made the most of it.

"I thought it would be awkward at first, but it wasn't," Ms. Crawford said.

The two definitely plan to go out again, she said.

Mr. Bryce said he, too, had a good time.

"There was never a lull in the conversation," he said. "We had a couple of the same hobbies -- like collecting sports cards. I wasn't surprised that a woman collects them, but it's uncommon."

"I was surprised at how much we had in common," Mr. Bryce said. "We had a really good date."

They're getting together again Saturday night.

THERE WAS NO love connection between Harry Goodwin, director of the Sand Hills Psychoeducational Program for the Richmond County Board of Education, and Laura Stock, a disc jockey for WJAT. The couple received 238 votes.

The first thing both talked about was their fabulous meal at Augustino's restaurant at Radisson Riverfront Hotel Augusta.

"He was a pleasant, intelligent man, but we had nothing in common," Ms. Stock said. "I think I scared him a little. I'm on the radio, so it may have appeared that I was interviewing him. I think he wasn't sure what to say to me."

Mr. Goodwin, who said he doesn't usually go on blind dates, said Ms. Stock didn't scare him at all.

"It was a lot of fun," he said. "The conversation was nice, but we had to cut it short because I had a meeting and she had an hour drive."

The couple ordered their desserts to go.

"It was an enjoyable evening," Ms. Stock said, but the two don't plan to see each other again. She is willing, though, to go out on one more blind date -- with Norman Prinsky, associate professor of English at Augusta State University. Mr. Prinsky, another of the Dating Game applicants, said he'd like to meet her, too. Readers cast 84 votes pairing them.

While the newspaper doesn't plan to pay for dates for other pairings in our survey, participants may request that their information be forwarded to another candidate. Several already have.

Faith Johnson can be reached at (706) 823-3765 or faithj@augustachronicle.com.

Dating game results

Here are more results from The Augusta Chronicle's dating game. A total of 2,467 votes were cast. Below are the 12 candidates and the top three matches for each:

PAIGE A. BENSON, 32, child care provider

Ms. Benson and Mike Frazier: 48

Ms. Benson and Philip West: 47

Ms. Benson and Michael Bryce: 41

AMY CRAWFORD, 29, legal secretary

Ms. Crawford and Michael Bryce: 225

Ms. Crawford and George Brown: 89

Ms. Crawford and Mike Frazier: 80

JACQUELINE WILLIAMS, 33, U.S. Courts clerk

Ms. Williams and Harry Goodwin: 98

Ms. Williams and Philip West: 72

Ms. Williams and George Brown: 42

VICKY BARNETT, over 50, traffic coordinator

Ms. Barnett and Norman Prinsky: 164

Ms. Barnett and Harry Goodwin: 64

Ms. Barnett and Philip West: 18

SUSAN CHANCE, 32, occupational therapist

Ms. Chance and Mike Frazier: 706

Ms. Chance and Philip West: 84

Ms. Chance and Michael Bryce: 41

LAURA STOCK, 40, radio disc jockey

Ms. Stock and Harry Goodwin: 238

Ms. Stock and Norman Prinsky: 84

Ms. Stock and Michael Bryce: 48

MIKE FRAZIER, 31, vice president Augusta Staffing

Mr. Frazier and Susan Chance: 706

Mr. Frazier and Amy Crawford: 80

Mr. Frazier and Paige Benson: 48

MICHAEL BRYCE, 26, tire company technician

Mr. Bryce and Amy Crawford: 225

Mr. Bryce and Laura Stock: 48

Mr. Bryce and Paige Benson: 41

Mr. Bryce and Susan Chance: 41

HARRY L. GOODWIN, 55, psychoeducational program director

Mr. Goodwin and Laura Stock: 238

Mr. Goodwin and Jacquelyn Williams: 98

Mr. Goodwin and Vicky Barnett: 64

NORMAN PRINSKY, 54, professor of English

Dr. Prinsky and Vicky Barnett: 164

Dr. Prinsky and Laura Stock: 84

Dr. Prinsky and Jacqueline Williams: 12

PHILIP WEST, 29, soil engineer:

Mr. West and Susan Chance: 84

Mr. West and Jacquelyn Williams: 72

Mr. West and Paige Benson: 47

GEORGE BROWN, 26, television anchor/reporter:

Mr. Brown and Amy Crawford: 89

Mr. Brown and Laura Stock: 45

Mr. Brown and Jacqueline Williams: 42


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