Originally created 02/19/99

Blasts 'lying, cheating' airline pilots 021999 - The Augusta Chronicle

Has anyone recognized the similarity of the Bill Clinton fiasco to the American Airlines pilots' strike? The pilots are professionals receiving a very good salary. They are liars. They have stayed at home claiming to be sick when they are not. They are cheats and thieves. They illegally draw a salary from their employer when they should be working. ...(T)hey should, as punishment, all be fired and never again allowed to fly an airplane.

But no; everyone thinks this is all right and OK to do it. When the strike is over, everything will be back to normal and acceptable to everyone. I, for one, do not want to ride an airplane with a liar, cheat and thief flying it. Who knows what they might do to satisfy their own whims.

Also, look at all the thousands of other people who call in sick everyday when they are not. It is no wonder the polls are correct when they say the general population is supportive of Mr. Clinton and his lying supporters. This is done every day by the general population.

Curtis D. Choplin, North Augusta


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