Dealership law encourages competition

Across the area

U.S. rejects tighter links with other currencies

Georgia's economy slowing

Exports fall, imports rise in quarter

Scam dumps unordered products on businesses

Additional business news

Russian parliament's upper house approves 1999 budget

Virtual Volunteer expands reach

Hodges seeking tourists

Trade deficit hits all-time high in 1998

AT&T-TCI merger wins approval of FCC

Center gets new owners

County pins hope on growth

Scana to buy N.C. utility

Wholesale costs record flukey surge

RJR chairman: International tobacco business top priority

IRS says electronic returns and refunds are both up

Judge grants delay in hearing against pilots

Tax time taking more time than ever

Equity revenues hit new high

Poker operator consolidating

Central Bank defends use of obscure offshore company

Study cites employers' prejudice

Lady Bulldogs stomp Lady Gators

Augusta State's women test Clayton State in tournament

Don't expect any area teams in Big Dance

Lions rally to down Dragons

Bulldogs fall to Kentucky

This day in the millennium -- February 19
On Feb. 19, 1945, during World War II, some 30,000 Marines landed on Iwo Jima, where they began a month-long battle to seize control of the island from Japanese forces.

This day in the millennium -- February 21
In 1866, Lucy B. Hobbs became the first woman to graduate from a dental school, the Ohio College of Dental Surgery in Cincinnati...In 1885, the Washington Monument was dedicated...In 1916, the World War I Battle of Verdun began in France.

This day in the millennium -- February 18
On Feb. 18, 1861 -- Jefferson Davis was sworn in as president of the Confederate States of America in Montgomery, Ala.<=

Millennium bug problems likely to keep technology workers on job
ATLANTA -- Other Americans can look forward to blowout celebrations of the arrival of the year 2000. For many techies, however, New Year's weekend likely will be spent hunkered down in cubicles or at command centers monitoring computer systems for Millennium Bug problems.

Symbol of justice survives the years
For almost a century and a half she reigned over the old Richmond County Courthouse in downtown Augusta, a symbol of justice and integrity.

Christian girls fall at Macon

Georgia prep tourney gets under way today

Jackets eye crown; so does Irmo

Green sparkles, Silver Bluff wins

Butler's senior players unite

Preserverance pays off

S.C. prep notes: Lady Hawks have high expectations

Blackville-Hilda rolls past North

Big recruit Harvey brings game to area

Basketball schedule

Hurricanes tie Capitals in overtime

Lemieux steps up efforts to buy into Penguins

Canadiens sink Flyers

Canucks call up Soling, Bodtker

Lindros has second shot to tie Flyers' record

Girl dies in attempt to cross busy highway

FAA official: Transfer is legal

Millennium bug problems likely to keep technology workers on job

Teacher appreciation

Engineer presents Riverwood plans

Deliberations continue in murder trial

This day in the millennium -- February 18

Across the area

Jury finds men innocent in fatal shooting

Testing of teen ordered

Advice for supervisors has sting

Psychologist pleads not guilty to charges

Defense calls witnesses

Senate approves SAT classes

Across the area

TV reporter's notes at odds with testimony

Legislative deadline may block pay raise

Barnes unveils plans to regulate insurance

Hospital awaiting decision

This day in the millennium -- February 21

Halfway-house adds fourth location

Company car drivers wrongly hit with insurance hikes

This day in the millennium -- February 19

Services mark start of Lent

Goodwill opens career center

Bush Field solution simple, mayor says

Symbol of justice survives the years

Proper child seat use stressed

Race gap gets smaller at polls

100 days and counting

Assistant DA: Shooting connected with gang

Choo Choo Chat delivers the news

Darlington oak regains national title

Bid to block Savannah water project in trouble

Pistons waive Macon, Moore, sign free-agent Corey Beck

Lakers again beat Mavericks

Pacers outlast 76ers

Mr. C. Dickie Scott

Mr. Edward Kenny Sr.

Mrs. Sarah Ard

Mr. Robert Smith

Mr. Clyde Widener Sr.

Mrs. Sharon Baker

Ms. Fannie Allen

Miss Katherine Rowland

Mrs. Sarah Kemp

Mr. Wayne Gentry

Mr. Dolphus Tankersley

Mr. Tucker Smith Jr.

Mr. Fred Benefield

Mr. Donald Bullock

Mrs. Elfriede Rogers

Mrs. Mary Moss

Mr. William Ussery Sr.

Mrs. Bertha Eidson

Ms. Ethel Parrish

Janet Windham

Mr. John McCaffrey

Mr. Edward Wilkerson

Mr. Harry Wren

Mr. Judson Boulineau

Mrs. Lessie Johnson

Mrs. Pauline Tanksley

Mr. Eulis Rhodes

Mr. Thomas Crumbley

Mrs. Debbie Clark

Mr. Wilson Bowen Sr.

Mrs. Janet Kroeger

Mrs. Edna Hall

Mr. Jesse Lain

Correction 021999 - The Augusta Chronicle

Opposes higher taxes on liquor 021899 - The Augusta Chronicle

To abolish, or not? 021999 - The Augusta Chronicle

Offers money-saving ideas for Augusta 021899 - The Augusta Chronicle

Congress turn zeal on tobacco 021999 - The Augusta Chronicle

Welcomes new Commission member 021899 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges letters in behalf of libraries 021999 - The Augusta Chronicle

Time for statesmanship: Save Bush project 021899 - The Augusta Chronicle

The Tinky Winky flap 021999 - The Augusta Chronicle

An unwise DHR cut 021899 - The Augusta Chronicle

Jabs past University Hospital head 021899 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts 'lying, cheating' airline pilots 021999 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits Clinton's `sad' view of Americans 021899 - The Augusta Chronicle

Overtime: Fite gets 400th career victory

Ex-Lakeside star makes name as college `thrower'

Ripken adjusts to life after The Streak

Bennett released by Falcons

Galarraga faces a difficult year

Ski trip doesn't cool off Duval, tied for Nissan lead

Broncos release safety Atwater

Salt Lake City may owe athletes $3 million

Graf reaches semifinals, Schnyder loses

Indy invitations in the mail

Aiken's Seawell has slow tour start

Loss will impact Braves

Gibbs building NASCAR contender

Fishing report: Angler finds Soap Creek honey hole

Woods, Duval rivalry seems a natural

Labonte and Petty looking forward to Rockingham race

NCAA names panel to study safety risks of metal bats

Galarraga out for season

Overtime: Coaches get promoted at Georgia, GSU

Evans quits Vikes, signs Ravens pact

Galarraga out for season

WNBA All-Star Game slated for July

Morales will headline fort fight

Braves notebook

Clemens traded to Yankees

Chipper wants past behind him

Studies show no link between circumstances, happiness

Breaking boundaries

Health capsules: Brain power

Mini movie reviews

Concert calendar

Applause calendar

Getting a second opinion

King Lego wants long reign

King Lego wants long reign

Garden calendar

Thursday night keeps NBC on top in 'sweeps'

Rebel yell echoes again


Big bands come back big

Parent pressure cited in overuse of antibiotics

Ramblin' Rhodes: Road to country not easy for Pride

Bicyclists reluctant to discuss problem

B.C. Davenport's warm, inviting

To many, Brynner's still King

'Jawbreaker' holds on to tired teen story line

King Lego wants long reign

Dancing and decorum will rule Millennium

Health and fitness calendar

Liriope conditioning should be done now

Medicare recipients rate HMOs

Water world

Club calendar

Impotence controversy has bicyclists riding uneasy

Men's grip strength a disability predictor

Company: Buyout will benefit SRS

Pentium III chip offers advanced computer features

Pollution plan may limit types of cars available

Music fans assert their freedom

British balloonists in round-the-world bid fly over Morocco

Free operating software gains momentum

License photo database company got federal aid

Colon screening rates still low

The ABCs of keypad logic

Cable: Internet service planned

Researchers say volcanoes ruled early Mars

Scientist disputes article

Study indicates growth hormones' effect only slight

Wofford student runs neo-Nazi group via Internet from dorm room

Ask the Computer Guy

Rank: Nitrates put county at top

Y2K bug probably not a home problem except for PCs

Bone marrow transplants effective against weak immune systems

Plan may combine facilities

Microsoft exec accuses AOL of aiding government case

EPA to demand cleaner snowmobiles, ATVs

Y2K worriers ready for 2000

CDC panel urges mandatory hepatitis shots for kids in high-risk states