Originally created 02/18/99

Opposes higher taxes on liquor 021899 - The Augusta Chronicle

Recently there were two letters to the editor suggesting a tax increase on liquor. One reader offered that proposal instead of an increase on cigarettes; the other was a reaction to a highly publicized and fatal traffic accident.

I would like to inform the public that liquor already has significant taxes, and we should not act out of highly inflamed emotions to add to those taxes.

I happen to own a liquor store and am able to give a perspective based on fact. I'll use an example of the least expensive brand of liquor that I sell. A 1.75 liter (the metric equivalent of 1/2 gallon) bottle sells for $9.30 before the sales tax. The sales tax is not the issue. However, of that $9.30, federal, state and local excise taxes amount to $7.21. If you include sales tax, then $7.77 out of $9.95 is some form of tax. How would you like to pay that much tax on your car?

Let's look at the facts before we jump on the hysteria bandwagon.

George H. Anderson, Augusta


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