Originally created 02/17/99

Defends Burnettown mayor with satire 021799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re staff writer Pat Willis' article on annexation:

... I am against being annexed by Burnettown or anyone else. I can see no benefit in it at all at this time.

As for the statement by Lonnie Reeves that Mayor Hector Rodriquez should return to Puerto Rico, I too would like to see this. My reason is somewhat different from what Mr. Reeves probably has in mind. I have known Mr. Rodriquez for several years, and this quiet, hard working public official deserves more respect than it appears that he got at the meeting. (I was unable to attend.)

Yes, I would like to see the mayor return to Puerto Rico. I would like to see if he could find other civic-minded people like himself and bring them back to our area.

Mayor Rodriquez is a valuable asset to both Aiken County and Burnettown. That he may have came here from Puerto Rico holds no more significance than had he relocated from Augusta.

Also, in case the question should ever arise in a game of trivia: Individuals from Puerto Rico, Guam and many other places outside of the 50 states are U.S. citizens at birth.

Julian M. Williams,Langley


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