Originally created 02/17/99

Calls Clinton supporters `hypocrites' 021799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Having just read Connie Connell's Feb. 10 letter, it struck me as odd how many Bill Clinton supporters are hypocrites. They cannot defend Mr. Clinton's actions, so they send up smoke screens to cloud the issue. They claim this is digging into his personal life. So, what does Ms. Connell do? She slings mud at Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., and Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga., for their personal lives.

... If Ms. Connell wants to stand Mr. Clinton, that is her business, but she needs to at least get the facts straight. I would love to hear Ms. Connell explain to her kids how it is OK to not only commit immoral acts, but to also break the law to cover them up.

Ms. Connell is right about one thing: We will let our voice be heard in the 2000 election. I am a 30 percenter and proud of it.

Mitch Courson,Augusta


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