Consumers losing billions in interest

Japanese stocks rise for third trading day as dollar falls against yen

Dealership law encourages competition

Delta to acquire regional carrier

Wal-Mart surpasses expectations

Japan moves to repair economy

'Hometown bank' continues expansion

Additional business news

AT&T-TCI merger nearing FCC approval

International fund manager betting on today's losers

Workers remove last signs of JB White

Dress shop to close after 20 years

American Airlines returning to normal

Hodges seeking tourists

Money for cotton growers approved

Job program gives students tips

American: Service getting back to normal

Natural gas providers warned: Keep rates simple

Virtual Volunter expands reach

Interest rates rise in Treasury auction

Industry ads: Wine is fine anytime

Publisher of National Enquirer, Star to be sold

Additional business news

RJR chairman: International tobacco business top priority

After Euro's debut, residents eager for cash and coins

Blue chips rise on lower interest rates

Scana to buy N.C. utility

USC Aiken honors five seniors tonight

Brown coach will resign after season

No. 2 Huskies roll to win over Rutgers

Senator surge past USC Aiken

Jaguars may share title

Above the rim

Smithsonian takes a new look at the promise of America
WASHINGTON -- From the Northeast's industrial revolution to the long struggle back from slavery and the social challenges facing immigrants, a new Smithsonian Institution exhibit chronicles the promise of America.

This day in the millennium -- February 16
On Feb. 16, 1862, during the Civil War, some 14,000 Confederate soldiers surrendered at Fort Donelson, Tenn.

Hall County grapples with changing racial dynamics
GAINESVILLE, Ga. -- As customers hustle in and out of the Western Union nestled between the Fuente De La Salud health store and a unisex hair salon, Toni Martinez eagerly helps them process their orders.

Integration rarely extends beyond office or classroom
By the 1970s, civil rights activists had managed to successfully integrate schools, businesses and government agencies. Nearly 30 years later, that integration rarely extends out of the office or classroom.

This day in the millennium -- February 17
On Feb. 17, 1801, the House of Representatives broke an electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr, electing Jefferson president. Burr became vice president.

Region playoffs to begin in S.C.

Jackets bounce back

He's no longer Mario Jr.

Islanders, Lightning tie in overtime

Senate softens up insurance mandate

Greenery survives cold snap

Coronor denied test results

Fatal truck accidents increase across state

Mayor's note backs airport funds shift

Officials pursuing growth for airport in Myrtle Beach

Lawyers focus on blue car

Job program gives students tips

Integration rarely extends beyond office or classroom

Corps cleanup aid sought

Officials seek end to agency

Fight threatens airport project

In the net

Comparative politics

Coverdell promotes Republican agenda

Aiken to keep using Miranda reading

Carters' program memorable to teens

Youngsters lobby for seat belt laws

Conflicts aided by loopholes

Video poker thefts net $500,000

Hall County grapples with changing racial dynamics

Skaters learn from hockey players

North Augusta to expand water plant capacity

Sale of photos slipped past lawmakers

Across the area

Baby derby contestants slow to start

This day in the millennium -- February 17

County sets utility fund

Pointers offered for non-natives

Smithsonian takes a new look at the promise of America

Across the area

Barnes unveils tax-limit plan

Refund rules skew indigent care costs

Bloodstains ambiguous in Lumpkin trial

State-of-the-art vehicle to give rural health care


Alternative school bill debate starts

Businesses say fee discriminatory

Judge lets challenge continue

Charges against jailers unfounded

Office wins brief reprieve

Retrial begins in fatal shooting

House OKs $500 million midyear spending plan

Inmate requests new trial

Hawks slam dunk Bulls

Miami tops New Jersey

Rodman remains out of sight

Woman cannot mention other suits against Rodman

Cavaliers top Magic

Mr. D.A. Mason

Mr. Herman Kinard

Mr. Elijah White

Mrs. Elizabeth Chandler

Ms. Ruby Martin

Mrs. Cynthia Gray

Mrs. Louise Phillips

Mrs. Ollie Key

Kyle Joyce

Mr. Edgar Law

Mrs. Helen Brown

Mr. Edward Goldman

Mrs. Mamie Brooks

Rev. Walter DiFrancesco

Mr. Earl Clark Jr.

Mrs. Hazel Salmon

Mrs. Glenda Frank

Mrs. Sophia Clayton

Mrs. Ruth Dixon

Mr. William Westerman

Mrs. Inez Dunn

Mrs. Lynette McKenzie

Mr. William Merritt

Mrs. Marian Askew

Mr. J. Allen Wammock Jr.

Mr. J. Donald Jordan

Mrs. Goldia Holiday

Mrs. Myrtis Lovett

Mr. Floyd Bowling

Mrs. Gladys Nichols

Mrs. Zearlean Rhines

Mrs. Annie Scoville

Mr. Ennis Gilmore Jr.

Mrs. Tina Wist

Mr. Ben Foulks

Mrs. Jessie Goolsby

Mrs. Jessie Goolsby

Mr. Tywand Jackson

Mr. James Moore

Calls Clinton supporters `hypocrites' 021799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Claims I-20 deaths were 'no accident' 021699 - The Augusta Chronicle

High-tech for Augusta 021699 - The Augusta Chronicle

U.S.-Canadian relations a model for friendship between sovereign nations 021699 - The Augusta Chronicle

No foreign commanders 021799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Growing gang threat 021799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits `undignified' editorials, letters 021799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Defends use of troops in bomb tests 021799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts 'no' votes in removal trial 021699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Defends Burnettown mayor with satire 021799 - The Augusta Chronicle

A star is born 021699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Praises emergency services director 021799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Warns of 'emergency' executive orders 021699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges action before water ban needed 021799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants to impeach the GOP 'Bozos' 021699 - The Augusta Chronicle


Dozier is lured by thoughts of fishing as a pro

Rodman remains out of sight

Area college baseball outlook

Lineman fired after signing

French sailor saved in heroic ocean rescue

Steinbrenner angry at Strawberry for skipping signing sessions

The Kid won anyway

Edwards out for season after surgery

Thornhill hopes to repeat season

Skip Away wins Horse of the Year

Overtime: ECHL names Pettersen week's best

IOC official suggests ditching profit-sharing deal

Marv Albert signs with Turner Sports

Irwin, Pak could use a mulligan on this season

Around Alone yachtswoman capsizes in storm in southern Pacific

Golf: Pair noted for match-play skill

Capriati loses as Graf steals show in Hanover

NFL to decide in March on next franchise

Paralyzed ex-football player takes a few exhilarating steps

IOC sending letters to members implicated in Salt Lake

Reds rescind facial hair ban

Jeff Gordon looking for Winston Cup threepeat

Senior calendar

Small portions

Year of the Rabbit begins

Age old questions

Costner's 'Message' knocks off 'Payback'

Cool performances

Search resumes for Amelia Earhart's bones

Breathing life into `Shakespeare'

Celebrex pain medication looks like a blockbuster

Drug interaction may be deadly

Killer flu of 1918 may have been around for years

Tarragon chicken is simple, deliciously fancy

Off the Wall

Quick cooking with Karin

Study finds most enjoy middle age

When it comes to motorcycles, women also want to be wild


The future is staring students in the face

The big screen

Xtreme style

Isn't it romantic?

Hollywood's youth movement comes of age

Audio best

All-in-Wonder not all wonderful

Possible new vaccine fights malaria throughout its life cycle

Government plays video to rebut Microsoft claims

Compaq executive: We're not a Microsoft victim

News network, health site aligning

Privacy groups seek broader support in fight over new Intel chip

Getting personal

Poor air quality puts highway funds in danger

Seals rely on sight, not sound, to hunt

Man with transplanted hand hopes proceedure will become commonplace

Study: Chocolate originated in Honduras

The first Internet blockbuster: The Intern and the President

Site gives you know-how on stuff

Compaq buying Zip2

New study refutes suggestion Neanderthals could talk

Pluto back in last place

Company profits by keeping kids away from online porn

New study rethinks turtles' evolution

Scientists ponder if solar system a rarity


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