Originally created 02/12/99

Says lying of leaders a sad example 021299 - The Augusta Chronicle

After reading Hoyt Goodson's Feb. 6 letter regarding lying, I just had to write. Mr. Goodson asks what we tell our children when we lie on our taxes, to the bill collector, etc.

Apparently he assumes that everybody does these things, and he would be mistaken. There are many parents, including myself and my husband, who try to set a good example for their children.

Children should be taught that lying is wrong and that no good can come of it. It is more than fair to hold Bill Clinton, the leader of our country, to these same standards. The President of the United States is a role model for children all over the country. Do we really want the next generation to believe that lying is perfectly acceptable, especially if you hold a high ranking government office?

As for Mr. Goodson's comparison of Mr. Clinton's lie to one told to protect a Jewish family from sure death during the Holocaust, that is simply absurd! How could the two even be compared? Obviously Mr. Goodson feels that Mr. Clinton did nothing wrong. If his letter reflects the views of the majority, it is truly a sad day for our nation.

Amanda Hammond, North Augusta


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