Originally created 02/12/99

Compares Clinton to 'disease carrier' 021299 - The Augusta Chronicle

... The country will rue the day that this sham trial ended in a white wash. As more and more incidences arise, we will see how, with the help of the national press, the Democrats and some spineless Republicans in the Senate allowed this behavior to continue even after given information that would oust anyone else.

It is my hope that each Republican who votes to acquit will go down in defeat when their terms end. This will not mean they lose control of the Senate; the truth is they never had it! Sure they had the numbers but, in the four years they've had the majority, they have always acted as the minority party. If you can't use your power when it is handed to you, you don't deserve to have it. Numbers mean nothing if you are weak.

Yes, sadly, this president will probably be acquitted. Once again, as in mythology, the Phoenix will rise out of the ashes unscathed while everyone around him cleans up the ruins he has caused. When I think of Bill Clinton, I am reminded of the carrier of a terrible, deadly disease who afflicts those around him while never contracting the disease himself. This would all look like a comedy if it wasn't so frightening.

S. Rowland, Augusta


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