Originally created 02/12/99

Accuses congressmen of being 'evil' 021299 - The Augusta Chronicle

It appears that letter writer Melvin Hicks is more proud of his hatred for the president of the United States -- tell that to the children! -- than he is of his federal government years (1948-1969).

Since World War II had ended three years prior to 1948, perhaps he didn't receive any medals or accomplish too much during his 21-year hitch! William Jefferson Clinton's father had already served two years distinguished military service, in the middle of World War II, by 1945 and has the citations to prove it. His son and namesake became a Rhodes scholar, governor of his state and president of the United States.

How many of you can add those credentials to your name? You will never come close! Keep teaching your children to hate and you are limiting their potential as well. Nothing President Clinton could have ever done compares with the evil behavior in the Con-gress and on television by these so-called Judiciary members, especially Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga., and Rep. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., from this area.

Robert A. Daniels' Jan. 26 letter tells the real reason for all this hatred. The hoods and white sheets are there -- you just can't see them. President Clinton does not need defending from me or anyone else. God always wins over evil men.

Betty Townes, Augusta


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