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Claims liberal cover-up for Clinton 021199 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re the Jan. 19 letter by E. Maner:

It is Mr. Maner who needs to "get real." First of all, when Bill Clinton ran for president, he gave up his life as a private citizen. Aside from this fact, are the facts pertaining to the impeachment hearing. He is not being judged because of participating in sex, but rather for his involvement in illegal acts to cover up his sex. These acts are named obstruction of justice and perjury. He was not satisfied to sully his own reputation but chose to get others involved. By intimidation, he accomplished this.

And because of his craftiness, Paula Jones' rights of due process were in jeopardy. Put the blame where it belongs. It lies straight at the feet of Mr. Clinton. And add being a hypocrite to his other faults because his little "photo opportunity" of going to church carrying the Bible under his arm is nothing but publicity. As for Mr. Clinton being a Christian, this is highly questionable.

Mr. Clinton's whole life has been spent evading accountability. This goes back to refusing to serve this country. He puts himself above the law just as he put himself above others when it came to going into the military service.

Believe the polls? No way! Pollsters have ways of rigging the polls and they are quite simple. All the pollsters have to do is obtain lists of the Democratic Party's electorate. It's strange the polls tell you one thing but, if you talk to anyone "face to face," you find "a horse of a different color."

It boils down to some very plain facts to anyone who opens his or her eyes. If Mr. Clinton were an ordinary citizen, he would be guilty of a felony or two. And there are worse things around this man that have been covered up by the White House and even the liberal media.

It is Mr. Maner who should "get real!"

"If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck, more than likely it is a duck!"

Elizabeth O. Leon, Waynesboro


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