Nissan hits hard times

Clinton plan would raise taxes, close loopholes

Federal Reserve opts for no change

Fair to match employers, workers

Line blurs between Wall Street & Main Street

Companies settle diaper dispute

Brazil markets react calmly to new central banker

MCI WorldCom to offer local service in New York

Dollar drops sharply against yen

Many aren't getting lower rates for cable, phones

Nobel laureates leave troubled hedge fund

Cooperative to show its new facility

Additional business news

Goodyear and Sumitomo forge alliance

Accident affecting output

Program for elderly doesn't cover drug costs

Credit repair scam turns consumers into felons

Jags, Pacers each in need of a win

Lady Bulldogs rally to down Gamecocks

Shooting woes stifle Paine men

Augusta State dominates USC Aiken

Jackets lose again to Pack

Florida State tops South Florida

College notes

UConn hurting from first loss

Hurricanes sweep series vs. St. John's

Georgia snaps five-game skid

Coming to terms
NEWTON, Mass. -- Making resolutions is generally a harmless habit, but it is one that is widely and wisely eschewed by those of a more analytic bent. Still, several left-brained friends could not resist chiming in when I asked them what scientists might resolve to accomplish in 1999.

Lawyer rose to political fame
John Forsyth served young country as diplomat, congressman, secretary of state under JacksonFrom Staff ReportsJohn Forsyth was considered the most accomplished Georgia politician of the early 1800s and one of the most able men in the young United States.

Dates of the millennium: February 3
Today is Feb. 3, the 34th day of 1999. There are 331 days left in the year.

Talmadge dies before taking office
HAMPTON, Ga. -- Herman Talmadge didn't think too much of it when some of the boys came up with the idea of writing in his name for governor in case his ailing father didn't make it to the swearing-in.

Dates of the millennium: February 4
Today is Feb. 4, the 35th day of 1998. There are 330 days left in the year.

Modern times taking a toll
WESTPORT, Conn. -- I long ago ceased making New Year's resolutions for myself. But let me propose one for the entire culture: that in 1999, we prepare not for a big onward-and-upward blowout a year from now but for a chastened look back instead.

Augusta's Forsyth killed in line of duty
Robert Forsyth paid the ultimate price serving his country. The Augusta lawman and civic leader is remembered as the first U.S. marshal slain in the line of duty - he died Jan. 11, 1794 - in addition to being the father of John Forsyth, a Georgia governor and congressman.

Irish girls lose close game

Hephzibah girls win No. 22

Barnwell holds off Silver Bluff

Foul play

Lynx down Stingrays

New-look Lynx hit road ice

Penguins skate past Sabres

Across the area

DOE sessions attract little attention

Senate panel OKs Atlanta regional transport agency

Drivers deal well with fog

In memoriam

Gasoline costs similar to 1970s prices

Gripes aired on gas bills

City council reconsiders annexation

Edgefield one step closer to appeals board

Educator honored for saving life

Seats often used badly

Lawyer rose to political fame

Job learning

Bill lets drug offenders pay lab fees

Barnes scores big with farmers at meeting

Bill raises penalties for assault

Dates of the millennium: February 3

Learning to ride

Senate OKs optometrist measure

Thirty potential jurors OK'd in Lumpkin trial

Across the area

Senate votes for lottery, video gambling referendum

Officials say fall in crime rate may end

Attorney: Arrest was unjustified

State seeks to label man a violent predator

Lumpkin's jury nears completion

Sponsor of event rejected

Haven for the grief-stricken to open in Milledgeville

Tantrum leads to charges

Aiken to get money for traffic, DUI

Funds bid may aid Savannah lock, dam

Gasoline costs similar in city to 1970s prices

Augusta's Forsyth killed in line of duty

Assessors may face limitations

Talmadge dies before taking office

Modern times taking a toll

Police arrest homeless robbery suspect

1999 offers many rare occurrences

Man appeals ticket, says town 'crooked'

Gossip-sheet suspects demand jury trial

Dairy bill may increase price of milk

Burglar with long record receives life imprisonment

Augusta eligible for help

Coming to terms

DOT won't recall map that leaves off Augusta

Clowning around

Hearing of DUI suspect planned

Rodman's options appear to be diminishing

Hawks anticipate a successful season

Philips Electronics sponsors future Atlanta arena

A new Knicks team unveiled

Eagles, Phillies plan 2002 opening for new stadiums

Robinson not hiding at Pro Bowl

Falcons want to show they're no one-year wonder

WWF Super Bowl ad raises groups ire

Pirates, Steelers stadium plans approved

Mr. Howard Reeves

Mrs. Janie Harley

Mrs. Sarah Johnson

Miss Georgia Martin

Ms. Jennie Jones

Mrs. Sara Arostegui

Mr. Levi Freeman Sr.

Mrs. Rachel Walker

Mrs. Elsie Davis

Mr. A. Pierce Taylor

Mr. James Jackson

Mr. Theodore Coleman Sr.

Mrs. Estelle Ledbetter

Mr. Owen Hoffman

Mr. Ralph Harris

Mr. Robert Lunceford

Mr. LeGrand Lamb

Mr. Kenneth Hoyt

Mr. Starling Powell

Mr. Jimmy Taylor

Mrs. Drue Moon

Mrs. Lubertha Dicks

Mrs. Anna Smith

Mr. Kenneth Ward

Mr. Foster Rachels

Mr. William Foshee Jr.

Mrs. Sadye Berlin

Mrs. Beatrice Corson

Mr. John Molony

Miss Juanita Sirmans

Mrs. Saketha Parker

Evans Middle a model 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports idea for taxing alcohol 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Declares racism a reality, not excuse 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits mispronunciation at spelling bee 020399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits mayor for possible lobbyist choice 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says Lively and others are to blame 020399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Where Ga., S.C. rank 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says State of the Union not good 020399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Criticizes lack of murder charge 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Laments missing 'Food Network' 020399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Takes polls industry with 'grain of salt' 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Notes 'dirty hands' in Lively case 020399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Zany market scheme 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Defends USPS against media critics 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

No more letters! 020399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Likes TV show; jabs Spike Lee 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Cites the plight of 'scared' teen-ager 020399 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants hookup with county sewerage 020499 - The Augusta Chronicle

Union shenanigans 020399 - The Augusta Chronicle

May signs with Charleston Southern

Georgia targets wide receivers

Georgia Tech's winning season attracts talent

Clemson signs top quarterback

Georgia Southern adds to defense

South Carolina State signs 18 standouts

IOC jolted by membership revolt and drug stalemates

Tearful Payton needs liver transplant

Career home run king 'ecstatic' over fund-raising tribute

Area prep football stars are ready to sign

Holtz lands plenty of local talent

Security again becomes an issue after Phoenix arrest

Texas wins the recruiting wars

Padres give up Vaughn, another link with Series

Tyson to learn Friday if jail awaits

Overtime: White leaves crack in door of retirement

Duval still on course

Only ranking that matters now is No. 64

Braves open pre-spring training pitching program

O'Brien sets sights on 9,000 points in decathlon

Georgia recruits top players

La Cantina likes to warm you up

Applause calendar

New 'Squares' is tick-tack-dopey

Worn out by test, having a great time

Italian dinner serves cuisine with musical flavor

Health capsules: What you don't know can hurt you

Concert calendar

As experts debate C-sections, moms-to-be should have say

Supermarket shopper

Health advocates try to drive wedge between golf, cigars

Small portions

Health and fitness calendar

Vinaigrette, bok choy give grouper dish Asian flavor

FDA recalls popular dietary supplement

New therapies work as more learned about heart failure

'Payback' features bad guy as hero

Saucy sandwich

Time to vote on stamps of the 80s

Fresh shrimp, creamy garlic sauce are basis for rich, delicious pasta

Designer fashions shine in Hollywood

Technology gives tremor sufferer new lease on life

Flower has the power in spring looks

Club calendar

Bright light flashing across sky reported in two states

AOL bans kid for pranks, then backs off

Research panel critical of climate-observing systems

Mir's 'space mirror' to shine on cities in ex-Soviet Union

Did Microsoft damage case in battle over words?

Russia concedes that Y2K bug is a problem

Driver's ed goes high-tech at Duncan school

Microsoft tries to explain video debacle

Spacecraft exploring Jupiter system develops problem

Put zoom back into your old PC

Judge plans to ban Texans from self-help software

Judge issues injunction against Internet porn law