Investors gripe about trading over Internet

Gore, Primakov tackle economy, Iran concerns

Companies adjust for youth

New CVS drug store sold

Boomer demand revs up U.S. motorcycle makers

China offers little hope of major changes in trade policy

Disney accused of putting image first

Analysis: Budget stalemate could be best outcome

Japan tries to get tight-fisted consumers to spend

Major airlines raise fares, stocks also take off

Rubin sounds sobering note at celebration

Russia will have to wait months for IMF deal

In a ferment over labeling

Money laundering proposal criticized

CEO has taste for the bizarre

Additional business news

Business calendar: Planning for small businesses set

Regency's possibilities numerous

Retailers try to ward off the ghost of inflation

Florida derailment increases doubters

Merry Land earnings improve

Picking on faith

U.S. ends third year of economic growth

Recent changes to tax laws can ease burdens for some

On the move

Moore's defense helps UConn

Armstrong too strong for Augusta

Lions beat Tigers; Paine women lose

Georgia guard finds married life calming, on and off the court

Bearcats reach 20-win mark

McKie makes school history in win over Vandy

Hoops notes: 'Cameron crazies' add new wrinkle to Duke lore

Avery, Brand lead Duke to ACC win

Kentucky rolls over LSU for its 300th win at Rupp

Auburn hands UGA 5th straight loss

No. 13 Rutgers rebounds to beat Villanova

Taft visit memorable in 1909
Augusta had a distinguished guest in the winter of 1909 -- William Howard Taft, who was inaugurated as president in March.

Millennium could put politics back in it's place
President Clinton's impeachment trial, however brief, reminds us that one thing to sort out before the new millennium begins is the relative roles of law and politics.

Dates of the Millennium: January 30
On this day in 1948 -- Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi was murdered by a Hindu extremist.

Savannah overflows in 1908
Flooding has been a part of Augusta's history from its early days. In 1908, the Savannah River once again overflowed its banks.

Dates of the Millennium: January 31
In 1840, A dinner honoring A.B. Longstreet on his retirement from the Bar to assume the presidency of Emory University.

Escaping debt takes sacrifice
One of the most painful aspects of buying on credit is paying off the bill.

Independence requires plan

Equities remain smart investment
Most financial experts consider equities the place to be if you're looking for the best long-term return on your investment.

Seven steps lead to financial independence

Probate court deals with wills
Judge Isaac Jolles deals with mortality everyday.

Disability plans protect income
Sure, your medical plan will help pay for life-saving hospital surgery after an accident or an illness.

Disability plans protect income

Budgeting not easy, necessary, some say
Although painless budgeting sounds like an oxymoron or the title of a best-selling book, financial experts say it can be done.

Insurance costs vital to budgets
Pay some now or pay a lot later if something bad happens.

Escaping debt takes sacrifice

Equities remain smart investment

Probate court deals with wills

Budgeting not easy, necessary, some say

Smart savers keep future in mind

Independence requires plan
When Dan and Ann Barnes moved to Augusta about 2 1/2 years ago, they wanted to get their financial house in order. They wanted to pay off their student loans, buy a house, save and invest some money for their retirement.

Insurance costs vital to budgets

Seven steps lead to financial independence
Each of this guide's seven sections includes resources such as Internet sites, books or seminars to help you find more information about each topic.

Smart savers keep future in mind
Congratulations. You've set your goals and budgeted your expenses. Your savings account now holds up to six months' income in case the unexpected happens.

Stewart sparkles as Spartans win

Dublin spoils it for Laney teams

Jackets hang on to down Hornets

Lady Rebels win, but coach notes lack of intensity

Trio help Tigers in win over Irish

Lynx notes: DeSantis ready for fresh start

Hurricanes 3, Canadiens 1

Predators 3, Devils 2, OT

Islanders, Coyotes battle for tie

Taft visit memorable in 1909

Cable to get new channels

EPA says chemicals were legal

Capital murder trial again set to begin

Additional area news

Soldiers face new standards

Nurse leads at military hospital

Moon rocks aid pupils' science lessons

Slaying suspect found

Dates of the Millennium: January 31

Judge rules family wrong to kill cattle

Rural schools see cut

Business sees profit in fewer accidents

Recalling early days of Falcons

Falcons fan living out her dream

Residents question county improvement procedures

Ex-officer's record shows incident

Man's dollhouses recall history

Graham named in gossip column

Jury vindicates gaming company

Across the area

Officials end season for shrimp

Donations keep center open

Hodges considering plan to lift video gambling's $125-a-day winnings cap

Dates of the Millennium: January 30

Roads bear grim fatality rate

South Carolina man finds hobby in snake collecting

Georgia lawmakers often have to juggle jobs

Researchers train bugs to sniff out explosives

State plans Governor's Mansion renovation

Savannah overflows in 1908

Owner of water plant faces trouble in states

EPA negotiates cleanup costs

Serpent show thrills spectators

Moves counter lawsuits

Senators introduce bill for parent cooperation

Millennium could put politics back in it's place

Leader's lawyer joke draws criticism

Counties look to bring in more jobs

Two get 40 years in prison

Some schools now close to hazards

Mayor picks Gibbons as his new assistant

Troubles spread in wake of controversial plant closing

New leader forming ideas for MCG

Area sludge program asked to change ways

Layoff toll may be heavy for NBA players

Celtics beat Raptors again

NBA title race open with Bulls no factor

Hawks' Ellis is glad to be settled

Hawks knock off Hornets again

Rodman may join Magic

Davis may be the best, but still improving

Reeves will face player he released

Super repeat won't guarantee Broncos' place

Guy a longshot for Hall of Fame

Politicians make Super Bowl bets

Support from home helps

Chandler could provide Atlanta's advantage

Falcons rise is very surprising

Dirty Bird causes trademark flap

Media blitz culminates with pregame shows

Broncos stick with game plan

Hall of Fame elects Taylor, omits Guy

Broncos have a plan

Fox ups the advertising ante

Great Americus hero

Ex-Hephizihab star Marshall witnessed feud firsthand

Falcons savoring moment in the Super Bowl spotlight

Bandwagon for Falcons gaining fans

Falcons, Broncos head to head

Dirty Bird causes trademark flap

Tagliabue touts return of replay

Team must guard against the slide

Some unusual bets for the Super Bowl

Former coach believed

Loss of brother haunts Hall

Cher, KISS head list of pregame performers

Falcons fans flock to buy season tickets

Reeves needs Super Bowl redemption

Always under the knife

Some unusual bets for the Super Bowl

Graphic: Bread and butter plays

Reeves will face player he released

Denver aims for dynasty

Support from home helps

Falcons notes: Miami paper reports Broncos vs. Vikings

Reeves needs Super Bowl redemption

Falcons set to soar

Jamal's personality meshes with ability

Road to the top not on map

Graphic: Falcons, Broncos head to head

'The Augusta Chronicle's' Super Bowl XXXIII Preview

Elway's other job is captain of industry

Mr. John Kelly Sr.

Mr. Joseph Reeves Jr.

Mrs. Ollie Perdue

Mr. Warren Berry Jr.

Mrs. Gladys Walker

Mr. Robert Hays

Miss Nicole Blockett

Mr. Donald Benson

Mr. Leodis Burke

Mrs. Maggie Strickland

Mrs. Rosa Johnson

Mr. Lee Goldman

Mrs. Dorothy Stephens

Mr. Harold Byrd

Mrs. Eula Young

Ms. Lillie Nealious

Mr. Wilbert Sampson

Mrs. Gladys Walker

Mr. Robert Hargrove

Mr. Walter Kelley

Mrs. Marie Holmes

Mr. Horace Connor

Mr. William Shelton Jr.

Mr. Frank Fiery

Mr. Frank Fiery

Mrs. Callie Baughman

Rev. Kenneth Kepler Sr.

Mr. Willard Miles

Mr. Robert Kirkland

Mr. Charles Fulcher

Mr. B. Wayne Byers

Mrs. Eula Judelson

Mr. Charlie Nimes

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Sanders takes Non-Pro

Swiss adjust to new IOC rules

NASCAR notes: Big money on line in Daytona 500

Schuerholz likes the way Braves shape up offensively

Signing day draws near

Seattle picked for 2001 All-Star game

Mediate leads Phoenix by 6 shots

Overtime: Jail time recommended for Tyson

Newberg: Job is 'labor of love'

Webb drops into tie after two-shot penalty

Schuerholz likes the way Braves shape up offensively

Baseline craftsmen work men's Australian final

Moceanu moves from Houston to train for 2000 Olympics

Queen picks up win in Amateur Any Age

Hendrick aims for fifth title

Rapp captures Classic Non-Pro

Futurity notes: Top two riders miss event

City hall delivers records to Justice Department

Puerto Madero upsets favored Silver Charm

Hingis in finals, hot water, too

Moceanu moves from Houston to train for 2000 Olympics

IOC sends letter to all bid cities

Overtime: English team to compete in Shootout

Mauresmo open about lifestyle

Futurity finals begin at 5:30 p.m. today

Field trials still benefit from Lamar Mobley's legacy

Notre Dame contemplates life in the Big Ten

Daughn rides to Open title

Hatcher gives recruiting a final push

Skier Ertl frustrated with No. 2

Mission of Jews for Jesus brings family feud

The Green Movement is getting religion

Faith and food: A look at Judaism and eating disorders

The Pizza Challenge

Churches out to make Super Bowl inspiring event

Fine arts calendar

New congregation offers home to cultural Jews

New drama proves Long is more than just laughs

Faith and destiny

Debutantes presented at Augusta Cotillion

Polls not true image of attendance, study says

Gobi Desert hides mysterious creature

A president's spiritual struggle

Celebrating art

Music has the power to divide or to unite

Film series takes viewers off beaten path

Adventist says Pope unfairly promotes Sunday sabbath

Hochschild's detailed account of Congo holocaust compelling

Missouri governor grants Pope's plea

Beverage dilemma has simple solution

Best selling books

The Green Movement is getting religion

USB ports seek to cure 'Wintel' peripheral problem

Barnes concerned about Y2K problems

The digital dilemma

Court upholds child porn law

Researchers dig deep in New Mexico to unlock mystery of Red Planet

Lab-grown bladder may lead to human organ replacement

A search with googly eyes

Customers left prey to cyber-scams

Gates video to be made public

Life on the Web: Be careful what you say about your employer

China to hunt seditious Internet users

Inquiring minds want to know

Answers to Computer Questions