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Super Bowl quotes

Dave Widell on media day:

"I'm a sponge. I am enjoying it. I'm really savoring the moment. I think the crush of the media is a positive for us. A lot of these guys haven't gotten a lot of attention being on a very mediocre team in the past. When I walk around and see the looks on my teammates' faces, I see they're enjoying this moment. You hear a lot of guys talk about media day, and they don't want to go because they're going to get 1,000 questions and it's not going to be a good thing. But I think for the Atlanta Falcons, today is a great day."

John Madden on Mike Shanahan:

"He's the most aggressive play-caller I've ever seen. If he gets you in a hole, he'll make a well out of it."

Terry Bradshaw on who's the better quarterback:

"John Elway's a Hall of Famer and Chris Chandler's with his sixth football team. You tell me."

Chuck Smith on teammates of the past:

"If Jeff George was here now, we wouldn't be. Chris Chandler is a better quarterback than Jeff George will ever be."

Chris Chandler on whether Atlanta's his last stop:

"I thought a couple stops before that would be my last stop."

Tony Martin on whether returning to Miami is satisfying for him:

"The satisfaction to me is just getting back to the Super Bowl. I don't care if it was played in North Dakota."

Shannon Sharpe on Eugene Robinson:

"From the way he's been speaking, you wouldn't think they were the underdogs. He's entitled to say what he wants. Granted he graduated from Colgate and has so much to talk about. You can take a leopard and move him out of the Serengeti and put him in the zoo and he's still a leopard. That's how I feel about Eugene."

Sharpe on enjoying media day:

"I wouldn't go as far to say it's made for me, but I don't have a real problem expressing how I feel."

Sharpe on who is the NFL's best trash talker:

"I've already proven that I'm the champion. Eugene and John Randle need to get into the ring, have their own war of words, and see who emerges to lose to me."

Sharpe on coming to Miami as favorites:

"If you want to go on cruises or rent See Doo's, come back after the game and you can do all that. You can rent a villa on Star Island or fly on Sly Stallone's private jet if you want. We're here to win a football game."

McCaffrey's response to Whitfield:

"Why'd he have to bring that up? Those were my college days, so cut me some slack."

Keith Brooking's response to the question, "Could have the choice of winning the Super Bowl or playing a round of golf at Augusta National, which would it be?

"Are you nuts to ask a question like that?"

Chuck Smith's response to, "How long before this game will you abstain from sex?"

"A game this big requires a month of celibacy."

Atlanta defensive end Chuck Smith about the three-headed monster: the feud between Denver coach Mike Shanahan and quarterback John Elway against Atlanta coach Dan Reeves:

"I don't care what happened in Denver. We don't care what happened with those three guys. All we care about is what's happening in Atlanta. All we care about is winning this game. We don't care. We are going out with our focus expecting to win the game."

Atlanta punt returner Tim Dwight on whether he has always been fearless:

"Ever since I was a kid. I try to test my courage a lot in the things I do. Life is there to be enjoyed and I like to enjoy things. I like to kind of spook you out. It's just my personality. When I was growing up I was always playing with the older kids on the block and doing wild things."

Denver quarterback John Elway on if this is his last game:

"I definitely want to enjoy it. I came back to hopefully get where we are now -- a chance to win the world championship. And now, I have that chance, but I'm not going to get nostalgic yet. I'm going to cross that bridge when we get it done."


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