Originally created 01/27/99

Blast handling of traffic death case 012799 - The Augusta Chronicle

The last straw was reading "Handling of case questioned" (Chronicle, Jan. 23) regarding the antics of Judge William Jennings and Chief Deputy Ronnie Strength.

I feel that their comments fell far beneath the responsibilities expected of their positions and were less than professional. By their comments, it appears they have let their rather large egos get in the way of justice. According to the facts of the case, Shayna Lively, while allegedly driving under the influence, caused the deaths of a father and his two small children. South Carolina and Georgia law enforcement agencies have a reciprocal agreement of cooperation.

Does the fact that Miss Lively's mother (who works for a Georgia State prison) have any bearing on the fact that she got a $20,000 "slap on the wrist" bond from Judge Jennings? Is this same fact attributable to the lack of cooperation from Augusta-Richmond County Law Enforcement? Chief Strength, does South Carolina have to say the magic word to get cooperation on a case that took three lives? ...

...(L)et's stop killing innocent people and do a better job of making sure justice is carried out on those who are guilty.

W. Paschal, Evans


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