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Says anti-Clinton move race motivated 012699 - The Augusta Chronicle

If the effort to remove President William Jefferson Clinton has made anything clear at all, it is that the federal government is an aristocracy orchestrated almost entirely by white men and white women. We may pronounce it a government of the people, however, when we look at those who fill the seats of the House and Senate, we do not see a population representative of America. We see a population representative of rich white men.

The "apparent disconnect" between the federal government and the people -- and especially the disconnect between government and people of color -- blossoms most visibly in the nations's capital, most dramatically through the Republican Party, its preoccupation with partisan politics and its defiant dedication to ideologies expounded by the so-called Christian Coalition, as well as other right-wing extremists.

We may say that Americans enjoy freedom of the press. However, when we read or listen to the news of the impeachment process, we see yet another aristocracy orchestrated almost entirely by white men and white women. We hear an aristocracy that speaks to America, but persistently fails to speak through America -- all of its people and diversity of cultures. And, sadly, we hear its disconnect.

This partisan Republican effort to impeach the president and undo the popular vote of all people of all colors has less to do with conscience than with power. (It is) a subversive struggle to preserve aristocratic privileges in their present state and complexion.

The year 2000 will affect more than computer programs. It will affect how the poorly connected respond to the richly connected.

Robert A. Daniels, Augusta


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