Originally created 01/26/99

Tells Clintonites to use other papers 012699 - The Augusta Chronicle

There have been several letters written in reference to The Chronicle and its editorial staff. These letter (writers) do not like what is printed about Bill Clinton in editorials or letters by those writers who are anti-Clinton.

These individuals think no newspaper should print anything against Mr. Clinton. They only want to read what they think is right. I would like to answer Betty (Bebe) Townes, Jack B. Richer, Elaine van der Linden and authors like them.

If (they) do not like what is printed in the editorials or letters written by those of us who are anti-Clinton, then (they don't have to) buy The Chronicle. (They) can go out and buy a paper like The New York Times, The Washington Post or one of the rags from Atlanta. (These newspapers) are more toward their liking.

I am anti-Clinton and have been since before 1992, and I am damn proud of that fact. I am also retired military (1948-1969) and will continue to write my views about the liar in the White House.

I have this to say about Mr. Clinton:

Mr. Clinton will send U.S. Armed Forces in harm's way, but when it was his time to serve his country, that man (ha) ran off to other countries and also lied to avoid the draft. This makes Mr. Clinton a coward (as were the other draft dodgers) with a yellow strip six inches wide up his back. To those who don't like what I have written: that is too bad. ...

Melvin Hicks, Augusta


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