Meat inspectors find fault with new food safety program

Additional business news

Vermont utility, home generator in tussle

Two Japanese banks tentatively agree to merge

Blue chip stocks give up strong gains

BankAmerica reports fourth quarter loss

Brazil's Senate passes key austerity measure

Focus on the company, not stock price, may help investments

Commercials: Coming soon to a phone near you

Professor touts diversity

States to meet on tobacco farmer payments

Real estate building changes hands

Greenspan warns of possible stock decline

Mall owners negotiate sale

Nasdaq at new high

Dean: State can expect good economic growth

GM: 4th-quarter earnings better than expected

Clinton proposes to use budget surpluses to preserve Social Security

Cable TV company selling its cellular business

A penny for your thoughts, not letters

Govenmnet investment in stock market seen as bullish

Maryland tops Georgia Tech

Vanderbilt cruises past sinking South Carolina

Impressive play by Augusta State

Jags, Pacers to renew rivalry

New Mexico St. dominates New Mexico

Auburn-Kentucky an unexpected showdown

Jaguars rout rival Pacers

Vols shut down Bulldogs

Connecticut survives scare from Miami

Blue Devils roll past Clemson

Italian sculpted statue in 1875
It's probably fitting that upon exiting the News Building on Augusta's Broad Street, one of the first things you'll see is a statue modeled after Confederate soldier Berry Benson.

Dates of the Millennium - January 20
On this day in 1981, Iran released 52 Americans it had held hostage for 444 days, minutes after the presidency had passed from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan.

Dates of the Millennium - January 21
On this day in 1793, during the French Revolution, King Louis XVI, condemned for treason, was executed on the guillotine ...

Argument over start of the century is nothing new
The year 1900 began in Georgia with ice and snow sweeping much of the state, along with a debate about whether the year marked the beginning of a new century or the last year of an old one.

At turn of century, Georgia bleak with slivers of hope
Complaints about traffic congestion. Alarm about urban infrastructure needs. Deploring a negative, divisive political campaign. Those topics, found in the Georgia news media in recent weeks, can also be unearthed from the news pages of 1900, demonstrating that some things haven't changed much from the beginning of the 20th century to its final year.

Butler handles Lakeside

Hancock holds off Harlem

North Augusta continues winning streak

Thomson needs OT to turn back Burke

Lynx stop skid

Panthers top Islanders

Lynx win in overtime

Chaffee Park changes proposed

Across the area

Chancellor opposes pharmacy closing

Nature groups sue over roads

Sheriff's operator dismissed

Gaming protests arranged

It's all tastefully Italian at Mimmo's Restaurant owner from Milan brings spicy Mediterranean flavors to Augusta

Argument over start of the century is nothing new

Retirement magazine touts Augusta

At turn of century, Georgia bleak with slivers of hope

Testimony begins in suit against county

Building OKs get costlier

Rules please poker owners

Holiday leftovers

Italian sculpted statue in 1875

City expands water system

Across the area

Area blood supplies at critical low

Council delays sheriff's new traffic division

Council drops video poker law

State must be unified, leader says

'Cold' not same for everyone

Student loan defaulters may lose licenses

Georgia educator to compete for national teacher award

Organizations unite to help homeless

Dates of the Millennium - January 20

None hurt in shooting spree

A day by the pond

Jailed men awarded thousands

Tenenbaum outlines plans for improving education

Schools much over budget for substitutes

Dates of the Millennium - January 21

Classroom boogie


McDyess chooses Nuggets, Suns plot strategy

A big retirement, more rumors and another delay

Rodman retiring, maybe

NBA's busiest day is here

End of lockout relief for Floyd

Reeves relives ouster

Falcons notes: Chandler's wife gives birth to a girl

Falcons ride Andersen into Super Bowl

Policy meets with Shaw, says Billick didn't fit

Broncos defense doesn't give ground

Bennett back to try again for Super Bowl ring

Anheuser-Busch to be lone beer advertiser on Super Bowls through 2002

Super Bowl security a top secret affair

Super Bowl's a losing bet for compulsive gamblers

Browns give Palmer a second look

Move over Otto Graham, Big Dawg's in the hall

Mrs. Paula Farmer

Mrs. Ruth Swearingen

Mr. Dennis Hopkins

Mr. Leroy McKeller

Mrs. Lillie Lovett

Mr. George Carter

Mr. Byant Steven Neal

Mrs. Margaret Bragg

Mrs. Margaret Shealy

Mr. Gerald Newman

Mr. Daniel Sink

Mr. Warren Stickney

Mr. Johnny Pinkston Sr.

Mrs. Winnie Seays

Ms. Elizabeth Rice

Mrs. Genevieve Ruffino

Mr. L. Raymond Chambers

Miss Mary Davis

Mr. George Cox

Mrs. Thetis Odom

Mrs. Marian Brown

Mrs. Mauree Johnson

Mrs. Inez Dunbar

Mr. Wallis Blume

Mrs. Mary Everhart

Mrs. Edith Hatcher

Mr. Louis Mays

Mrs. Ruth Cleckley

Mr. David Cooper

Mrs. Mamie Seays

Mrs. Viola Clark

Mr. David Odom

Mrs. Nell Rushing

Mr. Gordon Garner

Mr. Wyman Powers

Mr. Everett Dorch Sr.

Mr. John Hooks

Mrs. Agnes Fain

Mrs. Donna Wallace

Mrs. Millie Parker

Mr. David Crawford Jr.

Mrs. Margie Green

Mr. Joseph Grant

Mr. Lyle Hershey

Mrs. Polly Consentino

Mr. Ralph Figarola

Mrs. Olian Mathis

Mrs. Estelle Davis

Programs offer hope for abused, neglected children 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says SunTrust nearly ready for Y2K 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Slams new school for Fort Gordon 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Embarrassed Chamber 012199 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits scant coverage of celebration 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

No witnesses? 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Notes dangers of school bus stop 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

What a quirk 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Claims SRS workers' morale `dead' 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Book 'im, Bill! 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

`Slick Willie' scores 012199 - The Augusta Chronicle

Celebration honors the memory of Scotland's poet 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Suspects Clinton of `pact with devil' 012199 - The Augusta Chronicle

Laments abortion `continues to kill' 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits sports columnist's coverage 012199 - The Augusta Chronicle

Suddenly, Rafter's on top Down Under

Korda gets Australian Open win

Tigers name baseball first female groundskeeper

Welsh makes return to Thomson

Huston among Hope leaders

Death Valley to be upgraded

Henry begins campaign to win back Marlins fans

Jordan shows he can still thrill a crowd, hit some shots

Cuba vs. Orioles: not just yet

Russian government accused of stealing Olympic winnings

Federal grand jury to begin hearing testimony in Salt Lake case

Overtime: Baseball's arbitration season begins

HPV test may unlock the door to cancer vaccine

When moving, hold on to the memories

Health and fitness calendar

'The PJs' raising howls in black community

Eat for life

Sumptuous soup

Strict regimen can counter heart problems

Cornbread recipe comes with baggage

Snobs about beer

Banana cream pie gets a twist

PBS show explores extreme nature of Soviet state

Small portions

Health capsules

Probe finds health-care workers don't always wash their hands

Mysterious stranger leaves roses, cognac on macabre poet's grave

Veggie quesadillas a great game day treats

Heading off your personal Y2K bug

Slinky, antibiotics, baby boom mark 1940s stamps

Study: No evidence high fiber prevents colon cancer

New blue laser to be unveiled

Internet porn law headed back to the courts

Delta imposing fee for non-web transactions

`Master cell' exempt from U.S. ban on embryo research

NASA launch of X-ray telescope delayed more than month

SRS may ship radioactive waste off site soon

Sotheby's announces Internet auction site

At Home Corp. to buy Excite

FCC considering plan to boost high-speed phone service.

Intel will build chips with security capabilities

Pluto may be demoted

Government highlights Microsoft contract restrictions

Report: Scientists should alter ethnic groupings

Study: New weight-loss drug helped obese lose weight

Government focuses on where it's most vulnerable

Digital format PBS Kids Channel to debut

New blue laser to be unveiled

USDA setting up gene research center at Cornell

China imposes two-year sentence in first Internet dissent case

Government highlights Microsoft contract restrictions


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