Originally created 01/20/99

Laments abortion `continues to kill' 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

(T)he abortion industry is about to mark another anniversary of Roe vs Wade. Since 1973 millions upon millions of unborn babies have been aborted. I remember an article in The Chronicle a few years ago that showed some happy proponents of abortion celebrating the anniversary with a party and a cake. The irony was enough to make me cry.

Our society today helps feed the hungry, build homes for those who would otherwise be unable to afford to have a home of their own and countless animals and flowers are protected from extinction by strict laws. After a report on the way humane shelters put animals to sleep appeared in The Chronicle, many (people) wrote in expressing their outrage at how carelessly the animals are treated. Meanwhile, babies are partially delivered and killed in an abortion procedure called D&X.

Explicit curriculum on sex is being taught in schools, but you can't even play a video of an ultrasound for a panel of judges who are trying to decide if scientists know when life begins for fear that it might prejudice them.

As long as we turn our back on God and abortions continue, it's not a matter of if our country will be held accountable but when.

J. Adams,Warrenville


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