Originally created 01/20/99

Notes dangers of school bus stop 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

(As part of a group of concerned parents at Augusta Manor), we are addressing an issue that we are sure other parents are concerned about also. It is concerning the (school) bus stop at Augusta Manor.

Mike Padgett Highway is very busy during the times of pickup and delivery of the students. The bus stops on the same side of the road as the apartment complex, but not all of the other vehicles stop. Isn't it against the law to go past a bus when the stop sign is out, no matter what side of the road it is on?

What is going to happen one day if there is ever an accident there and a vehicle gets hit and slides into the bus or children? Who is going to be at fault and who is going to suffer the most hurt and pain? Wouldn't it make more sense for the bus driver to pull into the complex and drop the students off than it would be to let them off on the busy highway and take the chance of a child getting hurt by an accident?

Those big trucks have a hard time trying to stop coming down the hill at 55 mph. Other drivers do not even pay attention to the bus, because it is on the other side of the road. It is too dangerous there, and we are concerned about our children, as well as others.

Judy Nance,Holly M. Ray,Augusta


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