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Slams new school for Fort Gordon 012099 - The Augusta Chronicle

Voting to place an elementary school on Fort Gordon is a good example of bad governance in my opinion. It is unwise and unfair.

It is unwise, because it will be a logistical nightmare to manage. The fact is, the number of stu-dents at Fort Gordon is controlled by somebody in the Pentagon. They can make one phone call to our base commander and the school can lose 200 students to transfers. Do we rezone all nearby schools or do we leave 10 classrooms empty? Remember, there are other students going to class in trailers.

It is unfair to segregate those students from the general population. Why doesn't any other special "set" of people get a school located in a perfect location "just for them?" Ursula Collins Elementary School was supposed to be a very special case, not a model for setting up other "selected classes of people." What do you need to do in your neighborhood to be selected as a "special class of people" so you can get your own school within a mile of your house?

What do we say to normal "non-special" citizens who live right outside Fort Gordon who ride a bus for almost an hour to get to school? They are not special enough for their own school?

How much in property tax dothe folks who live on Fort Gordon pay? The answer is zero. Please don't mention the old impact fees we used to collect from the federal government which are little to nothing by comparison.

The bottom line is that the "special class of people," namely residents of Fort Gordon, are getting a $7 million school, paid for by Richmond County taxpayers' one percent sales tax and property tax in exchange for nothing.

I hate to see the permanent residents of Richmond County getting sold down the river just because the Fort did a good lobbying job on our elected and appointed school officials. ...

Jeff Annis,Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is a former member of the Richmond County Board of Education.)


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