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"Me and this guy have been talking for about two months, and he says he really likes me and he wants to get serious, but he hasn't asked me out yet. What should I do?" 17-year-old girl, Augusta

"If you really like him, you should go out with him."

"I think you should not even worry about that. If he doesn't want to get serious, go with somebody else."

"Ask him out, girl!"

"Just ask him out."

"If the guy hasn't asked you out but he's already talking about getting serious, just confront him, and ask him why."

"I think you should say you want a commitment, or nothing's going to happen."

"No matter what a guy says, until he acts on it, words are just words. If you don't want to wait for his actions, then move on."

"Tell the guy how you feel, and if he doesn't ask you out, then just go for another guy."

"I think you should ask him out. If you don't, you may never get together."

"It sounds like he wants to take time. He probably does like you, but maybe he doesn't want a commitment right now."

"Play a little hard to get. Don't be desperate for his commitment."

XTREME Reporter Emily Sollie's advice: Sometimes, believe it or not, guys can be just as shy as girls about showing their feelings. Maybe he's waiting for some kind of sign from you -- does he know how you feel about him? Does he know that if he asked you out you would say yes? Or is it possible that he's afraid of rejection?

If you're sure that's not the problem, then you should probably talk to him about it. If he really means it when he says he wants to get serious with you, he needs to act on it. You can't have a relationship if you never do anything social together.

Try to be casual about it -- maybe invite him to do something with your friends when you all go out on a weekend, or ask him to sit with you at a basketball game. Start out small and maybe you'll work up to something really special.


"My friends don't like this girl at my school, but she's never done anything to me. Should I not like her because my friends don't like her, or should I like her anyway, since she's never done anything to me?"

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