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Claims `justice' of past was better 011999 - The Augusta Chronicle

This is a reality check on the Senate trial. Put most simply, the entire purpose of the American way is not about how people can choose to do anything they want, but that our society can, as a whole, choose to do the "right thing" through singular, individual choices.

... (T)he issue before the Senate should be handled most simply as well. Put the president before the Senate on national television in handcuffs and shackles and bull-whip him until he can no longer utter so much as a murmur when struck. After this, they should take him out to the White House lawn and hang him on a burly hemp rope and leave his body hanging until the ravens have plucked out his eyes.

The important thing to realize here is that the human issue in this case merits even more grotesque treatment than his treason against our government and the American people. He had no right to abuse God's gift of charm, with which he was blessed.

In a real world, Monica Lewinsky's father or Paula Jones' husband would have beaten him down swiftly, and no one would have blamed either one for doing it. ... Properly executed social interaction, a drop in litigation (with people accepting their own responsibility), stupid laws that hurt the people being dropped, and equality in all walks of life are the things that will make America strong again.

... I do not condone violence or barbarianism in any form. However, the current leader of our nation obviously does. Is sexual perversion any less barbaric than violence? The recent news reports of the police masking crime reiterates what I've known to be true for Bill Clinton's entire term. He hasn't done a good job. The truth will surface when he is out of office.

The economic gains we have felt are the result of policies set prior to our current administration. The public should be taught by the press how these issues work. ...

Chris Moore,Augusta


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