Originally created 01/19/99

Charges `vendetta' sexually motivated 011999 - The Augusta Chronicle

I want to "get real" about the vendetta the U.S. prosecuting attorney Kenneth Starr and the congressional Republicans have against President Bill Clinton. It's apparent that Mr. Starr and the congressional Republicans are sexually turned on by the Clinton-(Monica) Lewinsky ordeal.

What sense does it make for our government to spend approximately $45 million of taxpayers' money to investigate Mr. Clitnon's private life? Those dollars could have been spent for cancer research, toxic waste clean-up or other things that need to be corrected in our society. I'm convinced that Mr. Starr and congressional Republicans are some perverted and mentally sick human beings.

Congressional Republicans have attacked Mr. Clinton for his immorality. Hey! I don't think these individuals are in any position to address the issue of immorality. If these Republican congressmen had spent time reading Mr. Starr's report before it was released to the public, I don't think they would have allowed this entire report to go public by way of the Internet. Because of their zeal to dethrone Mr. Clinton, these individuals only enhanced the opportunity for more children to become morally corrupt. Did these congressional Republicans care anything about children being exposed to such trash? Are these the same people who complained about trash television, gangster rap and child pornography? Well! They shouldn't complain anymore, because they only elevated the perception that people are free to do whatever they want to do, even if it's immoral. ...

I don't think Mr. Starr and congressional Republicans are out to destroy Mr. Clinton because of Ms. Lewisnky. Many of our past presidents have had outside love affairs while overseeing the Oval Office. What's new? There is a conspiracy against the president, because he has opened doors of opportunities for ethnic Americans. ...

E. Maner,Augusta


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