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Notes wrong approach to the Bible 011999 - The Augusta Chronicle

It is an atrocity that the Bible has been misquoted throughout history to justify man's own selfish desires. One could justify any behavior by taking words and pulling them out of context. This has been done with the Bible by "so-called" Christians. Some attorneys, trying to justify their client's actions, have also done it with the Constitution and the dictionary.

No where does the Bible say whites are worth more than blacks. In fact, Paul (who wrote the letter to Timothy) said that in Christ, all men and women, slave and free, were created equal (Galatians 3:28). And James, Jesus' brother, forbids favoritism (James 2:9).

When one reads the Bible, one needs to read the entire book, considering context and culture, in order to get an accurate picture of what Jesus said and did. In response to Michael Ledo's allegations (letter, Jan. 8) of Jesus' "temple disruption of law abiding citizens," the citizens were actually far from abiding their Mosaic Law. They were selling for their own gain, robbing poorer believers trying to sacrifice to God. Also, Jesus' disciples did not steal the donkey; its owner let them take it to Jesus. And without Christ's meekness (strength under control), not impudence, Jesus never would have taken sinful man's place on the cross reconciling us to God. ...

We need to approach the Bible carefully, attempting to let God change our behavior and beliefs, rather than seeking ways to justify our actions and beliefs in our own eyes.

Karla Morgan,Evans


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