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Pippen traded by Bulls

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Free agent Antonio McDyess won't be joining the post-Jordan, post-Pippen Chicago Bulls. Why? He wants to play for a winner.

"Houston and Chicago are out of the picture," McDyess' agent, James Bryant, told The Associated Press on Monday.

"Tony has analyzed the situation carefully, and he's most at home with those two options: Phoenix is going to stay a winner, and Denver is going to be a winner."

The six-time champion Bulls, meanwhile, will trade Scottie Pippen to Houston, The Associated Press learned Monday. Also, Steve Kerr, Dennis Rodman and Luc Longley are apparently on their way out after Michael Jordan's retirement last week.

General manager Jerry Krause did not comment Monday. But he said after the lockout ended the Bulls had three options -- bring everyone back if Jordan didn't retire; sign their own key free agents and mix them with those from other teams; or rebuild completely.

In addition to McDyess, the Bulls also are interested in free agent Brent Barry if he is not dealt from Miami to Golden State as part of a Latrell Sprewell trade.

"I've also heard reports on those individuals," new Bulls coach Tim Floyd said Monday. "Jerry is going to target key free agents in terms of being as competitive as we can this year. If we are unable to get those guys, he will remain vigilant in his plans to bring it back to the level where it's been. But that could be a process."

Kerr, for instance, could end up in San Antonio. His agent says he's close to a deal with the Spurs.

"There's nothing new. We're at a standstill until the collective bargaining agreement gets straightened out," Kerr's agent, Mark Bartelstein, said Monday. Another Bartelstein client, Jud Buechler, has had feelers from a "lot of teams," the agent said.

"I'm not really going to talk about it until it's a done deal," Kerr said after working out again in Bulls' attire at the Berto Center.

"We've waited this long, a few more days isn't going to hurt, assuming everything works out," Kerr said. "I'll just keep coming here and working out and as soon as they tell me to go somewhere, I'll go."

The start of training camps and player signings was delayed again Monday as lawyers needed more time to work out details in the new collective bargaining agreement. Camps were supposed to open Tuesday, but now it will be Wednesday at the earliest.

What is certain is this. The Bulls will have only a handful of practices before their first scrimmage Friday and not much more time before an exhibition game Sunday against the Indiana Pacers, who've been working out together for months.

"I may have to have a roster in my hands to figure who is out there and that isn't great," Floyd said.

"I think everybody can envision the days of playing sandlot football and drawing plays in the dirt. We could actually be moving Gatorade bottles around the sideline for the game Sunday."

And what will be his first words to his next team? "Hello, let's go practice," Floyd said.

Three players under contract to the Bulls -- Toni Kukoc, Randy Brown and Keith Booth -- former Bulls and now free agents Kerr, Bill Wennington and Dickey Simpkins, ex-Bulls Pete Myers and Matt Steigenga, draft picks Corey Benjamin and Corey Carr and free agents Cornell David and Rob Werdann were among those working at the Berto Center on Monday.

While most participated together, running and shooting, Kerr went alone to the other end and worked with his personal coach, Chip Englund, almost symbolizing his detachment from the team with which he won three championships.

"I feel badly for Steve. He really likes it here and it's really tough for him," Wennington said.


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