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McIntyre discusses city job with Young

Augusta Mayor Bob Young is reaching out to former political opponents, including former Mayor Ed McIntyre, for advice and a possible consulting role in his new administration.

Mr. Young said he has had only a "couple of discussions" with Mr. McIntyre, whom he defeated in a November runoff for mayor. On election night, Mr. McIntyre offered his help to Mr. Young, and the two spoke about it the next day, Mr. Young said.

"Ed and I are having some discussions about his potential role in city government, and that's about the extent of it," Mr. Young said Monday. "There's not any set thing. We're just talking about what his interests are, how he sees himself involved and how I see him involved, and just putting things on the table, kicking them around."

It would not be as a full-time city employee, both Mr. Young and Mr. McIntyre confirmed.

"It's more of a role as maybe a consultant or an adviser or whatever," Mr. Young said. "He knows all the players here, he knows his way around Augusta, he knows his way around Atlanta. He knows all the players on the legislative delegation. He has an excellent background to offer service to this community."

Mr. McIntyre said it was too early to say what he would do for the city.

"However, let me hasten to say that I love this city dearly. Anything I can do to enhance the quality of life of the people who live here I will try (to do) if we reach an agreement to make myself available," Mr. McIntyre said.

The Augusta Commission has budgeted money for lobbying efforts this year, and the city has had preliminary talks about the position, Mr. Young said. Asked if Mr. McIntyre had been approached about lobbying for the city, Mr. Young replied, "I better not throw any names out in regards to that."

Mr. McIntyre also declined to comment on whether he had been approached about lobbying and referred the question back to Mr. Young.

The talks with Mr. McIntyre are just part of what Mr. Young said he is doing to reach out to ex-officials like former Mayor Larry Sconyers and former Augusta Commissioner Moses Todd, whom he also defeated for mayor last year. Mr. Young took office this month.

"I think everybody who was involved in that mayor's race has something to offer to the city of Augusta," Mr. Young said.

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