Failure of state-run Chinese trust rattles banks, investors

Group's funding plan OK'd

Currency down, markets up in Brazil

St. John Towers residents to receive more services

Air quality task force established

Brazil's main market melts down

Countries push for exchange rate controls

Busby's merging with Pinnell Heating

Battle rages to save Europe's duty free shopping

Kodak's weak earnings batter stock

Industrial output slows in 1998 but looks better

Inflation stays low in 1998 011599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Area plant conversion brings job

First Union, Wachovia post strong earnings gains

Fox station changes hands

Additional business news

Major change in IRAs, 401(k) plans proposed

IMF: Russian aid package abandoned

U.S. stocks fall dramatically

Oscar Mayer recalls deli meat

Montgomery Ward to close 39 stores

Russia's prime minister tries to build confidence

Trade officer addresses group

Lander looms large for Jags

Clemson loses to Duke

Even Collier can't escape Tech's woes

Tennessee overpowers Georgia

Ankle injury jeopardizes Moore's play

Dates of the Millennium
Jan. 15

Laney's focus on children helped Augusta
Lucy Laney, were she alive today, probably would not be happy with the state of education and race relations, an expert on Augusta's famous black educator said.

Holy Trinity formed to continue Catholic mission in Augusta
It seems fitting that a church with the word Trinity in its name was formed from three parishes.

Teddy Roosevelt won second term in 1904
1904 saw Theodore Roosevelt elected to a second term in office after defeating Democrat Alton B. Parker.

Dates of the Millennium
On this day in 1859, Dr. George Newton left estate valued at $150,000 or more to Augusta Orphan Asylum.

Home school team gains strength

Butler tops Evans

Jackets edge South Aiken

Williams, Randall lead Barnwell to win

Thoroughbreds, Jackets square off

ECHL All-Star Game to be played in Greenville

Lynx coach shakes up team

Augusta IceForum finally gets ice

Lynx drop to third place after loss

NHL veterans become comeback kids

Lynx ledger

Airport changes in works

Jury convicts three in Barnwell slaying

Trucker charged in teen-ager's abduction

Holy Trinity formed to continue Catholic mission in Augusta

Dentist's visit was laughable

Measure to shield teachers proposed

Board approves school site at fort

Teddy Roosevelt won second term in 1904

Teacher is finalist for top honor

State nears end of chemical release probe

New women's center dedicated

EPD ultimatum fails to alter panel's plan

Dates of the Millennium

Measures try to stop company

Congressional panel urges overhaul of veterans programs

Keeping the dream alive

Across the area

State officials uncover lost slave cemetery

Repairs to sewage pipe cost $168,800

Getting in the swing of things

Teen-ager deemed insane during crime

Controversial bill slated

Barnes waiting to decide on education panelists

Teen identified as California slaying suspect

Laney's focus on children helped Augusta

Suspect has new attorney

Impeachment trial is unique, attorneys say

Dates of the Millennium

Funding could be at stake

Company will build hospital

Grants to help small business

Thurmond has role on committee

Look to the past

Ship woes may soon see finish

Bulls gearing up for lo-o-ong season

Loss of Jordan could bring NBA new life

NBA notes: Pippen, McDyess and Gugliotta talk dominates rumor mill

Green quietly nears another breakthrough

Falcons notes: Fans greet Falcons before trip

New era for Cunningham

Browns play name game before expansion draft

Falcons face Metrodome din

Parcells, Shanahan have track records

Augusta's Evans finds new jungle

Johnson decides to stay

N.Y. mayor proposes sports complex

Chandler faces pressure of big game, fatherhood

Griffith is Vikings' Mr. Everything

Glenn unlikely to play Sunday

Mrs. Marie Etheridge

Miss Mabel Screws

Mrs. Sallie Thompson

Mrs. Emma Farmer

Mrs. Matilda Brooks

Mr. Sammie Wilson

Mrs. Rose Allen

Ms. Mary Stewart

Mrs. Mary Adamson

Mrs. Virginia Hammond

Mrs. Edna Beasley

Mrs. Claretha Norris

Mrs. Ann Hatch

Mr. Frank Duncan

Mrs. Nora Arnold

Mrs. Estella Thomas

Mr. Walter McNeely

Mrs. Cheryl Gathers

Mr. David Fleming

Mrs. Vonnie Jackson

Mrs. Margaret Medlin

Mrs. Vera Wardlow

Mr. Gene Skelton

Mrs. Della St. Onge

Mrs. Lucille Adkinson

Mrs. Marianne Taylor

Mr. Frank Duncan

Mr. Thurmond Rabun

Mr. George Rivers

Mrs. Sarah Anderson

Mr. Luther Wood

Mr. T. Grady Lewis

Miss Agnes Hunley

Mrs. Guinell Ross

Mr. Patrick Carr

Mr. Jason Sizemore

Mrs. Anita Fulghum

Mrs. Doris Russell

Mr. Larry Reed

Mr. Isaac Robinson

Mrs. Thelma Peacock

Mr. Dwellie Evans

Mrs. Dicie Wiggins

Olympic nightmare 011599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: Americans move closer to edge of euthanasia 011699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: Another athlete dons the white cape 011599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Shocked at Clinton, Jesus comparison 011699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports Aiken policeman in incident 011699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Explains profits are in the labels 011699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Greenspan's economy 011599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Disagrees unions barrier to teacher 011699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: U.S. aircraft carriers are a vital link in our defense system at home, abroad 011599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hails addition of Christian channel 011699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Disputes 'unholy' comparison 011699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants empty stores to be recycled 011599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Chamblee leading Sony by a shaky two strokes

Thurmond fish get a case of lockjaw, or so it seems

Graf vs. No. 1 Davenport in Adidas semis

Kines named assistant coach

Overtime: Juniors begin Mayor's Cup tennis play

Tyson thinks he knows enough about Botha

LPGA considering changes to Hall entry

Nicklaus to end Masters streak

Overtime: Bryant chairs Division II organization

Samaranch on Olympic scandal: 'Now we are in a storm'

IOC to hold emergency meeting

Braves notebook: Players ready for spring training

Hendrick returns to top of team

Tyson opens a new chapter in his life

Tyson vs. Botha lacks wallop with fans

Masters will miss Jack

Garden calendar

Club calendar

Mini-movie reviews

Same-sex blessings have United Methodist Church aboil

Ramblin' Rhodes: Savannah likes 'swamp music'

Diners get hooked on T's fried catfish

'Two Visions' offers two versions of Anglicanism

Sommore's not starving for laughs

Living the message

Events pay tribute to civil rights champion

'70s sound updated

The tree is symbol of God's gifts

'The Thin Red Line' runs thin on focus

Half century age difference gives Carter, grandson common bond

Religion briefs: Actors to act like Mormons

Clergy make end run around Super Bowl squeeze

Orchids easy to grow indoors

Putting faith in words

Some plants damaged during cold snap

Putting faith in words

Applause calendar

Voice of Bob the Tomato

NBC gains top ratings with 'Providence'

Church bulletin

Video watch

Man calls 911, confesses to killing family over Internet affair

Online brokers struggle to stay afloat in Internet trading flood

Disease resulted in death

Study in mice suggests approach for AIDS virus vaccine

FDA approves new drug for painful leg condition

Soil tests show groundwater may be tainted

Scientists to study nuclear accident site

Pentagon says 2000 computer glitch won't threaten US security

CDC: Death toll rises to 9 in bacterial outbreak

New evidence shows early human ancestors may have eaten meat

Spending on computer services up 17 percent

Who's really on Internet?

Gulf war sicknesses confirmed

Remnants of stone-age shelter found in South Africa


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