Home sales hit record; FHA loan limits rise

Merry Land signs first deal

Job cuts emerge amid strong economic signals

Dow falls, Nasdaq sets record

Additional business news

Company finishes first step in site conversion

Bankers challenge union rule

'98 auto sales second-highest total ever

FCC hopes to decide on planned mergers within six months

Government to post budget surplus

Additional business news

MCI WorldCom may bid for AirTouch

Toyota Camry, Ford F-series pickup remain best sellers

Kansas company to buy 22 area Pizza Huts

New postal prices take effect Sunday

World Bank approves $1.01 billion in loans to Brazil

Kentucky QB to enter NFL draft

ASU retains top spot in Peach Belt

Slow start frustrates Gamecocks

Georgetown calls 'major' press conference

Ospreys top Pacers

Knight's remark angers referee chief

About Celebrate 2000
With a new millennium fast approaching, The Augusta Chronicle is taking a look back at the Augusta-Aiken area's history to help residents understand their community's place in history.

Dates of the Millennium
Mrs. Strom Thurmond dies at age 33 ... the astronomer Galileo Galilei sighted four of Jupiter's moons...the World War II siege of Bataan began.

Dates of the millennium
On this date in 1949, local police halt all sales of liquor in a sudden move. To this day, nobody knows why.

Lone `haunted' pillar one of Augusta's oldest legends
A little-noticed remnant of Augusta's past stands on the sidewalk at the intersection of Broad and Fifth streets.

Forgotten Few back in Augusta
For 145 years, the remains of one of Georgia's leaders lay in an abandoned and vandalized cemetery in Fishkill, N.Y., seemingly forgotten.

Hardy made movie magic
The distance from Columbia County to Hollywood is nearly 3,000 miles. But Harlem's most-famous son eventually made the journey and along the way managed to become one of the most endearing funny men in movies.

Racial cooperation helped Paine College find success
Born amid the religious and racial turmoil of Southern Reconstruction, Paine College's interracial cooperation has fueled the school's success, historians and school officials say.

About Celebrate 2000
With a new millennium fast approaching, The Augusta Chronicle is taking a look back at the Augusta-Aiken area's history to help residents understand their community's place in history.

Holder done with football

Players ready to sign

Marshall's message

Devils skate past Rangers

Colbourne chases scoring record

Norwood pushes for managed-care reform

Fire damage

Police charge Augustan with 2 store robberies

Martinez couple facing charges in boy's injuries

Weather is all in our heads

Area low on penny stamps before prices rise

Thomson men charged in 23-year-old slaying

Suspect had been in prison

Two charged in New Year's Eve slaying

Across the area

Chapter supports Young

Games preparation

Lawyers want their pride back

Beach washed away

Taxes' monitor audited

Former top education official is investigated

Libraries launch literacy program

Hardy made movie magic

S.C. finance records set

States get high marks in schools

Area woman killed in house fire

Holocaust group blasted over deleted passages

About Celebrate 2000

Grahm to present two impeachment articles

University speeds expulsion process

State hunters capture some nuisance alligators

NAACP to examine traffic confrontation

Dates of the millennium

Governor-elect appoints women, black to Cabinet

Thurmond, Graham in key impeachment roles

Lone `haunted' pillar one of Augusta's oldest legends

Racial cooperation helped Paine College find success

Forgotten Few back in Augusta

Celebrating 2000

Death of bald eagle at lake remains mystery

Lawyers allowed by judge

Officer fired

Dates of the Millennium

New date scheduled for Lumpkin trial

Educator accepts position

Hospital affirms contract

Exiting governor says he has no regrets about choices

Across the area

Reinsdorf: We start with Jordan

Hawks have a lot of work to do

In the end, both sides decided to give ground

Rebuild or return? That's the question for the Bulls

NBA focuses on fans

NBA players relieved as lockout ends

Retrieving fans will be tough task for NBA

NBA season begins next month

NBC and Turner will be reimbursed for missed games

Haley gives 49ers a defensive boost

Chandler leads Falcons to playoffs

Falcons notes: Cornerbacks to provide great matchup

Doug Flutie: AP Comeback Player of the Year

Veterans bring confidence

Big challenge awaits Jets cornerbacks

Ravens ready to woo Holmgren

Riley, Chargers still talking

Now it really counts

Denver wideouts try to catch on this time

Healthy, rested teams carry big edge

Chargers begin life under Riley

Mr. Clarence Dunbar

Mrs. Thea-Doshia Denson

Mr. Ralph Blount

Mr. Phillip Gossett

Mrs. Jacquelyn Abel

Mr. Charles Rosier Jr.

Jana'e Boyd

Mrs. Rachel Johnson

Mr. Charlie Tyler

Mr. Gordon Bostic

Ms. Nellie Glasson

Mr. Ray Deal

Mr. Herbert Godbee

Mrs. Willie Waltower

Mrs. Laura Prickett

Mrs. Mary Williams

Mrs. Letha Small

Mr. Carl Lawson

Mrs. Clara Roberts

Mrs. Mary Wadley

Mrs. Mary Jackson

Mr. Ivory Jordan

Mr. Carl James

John Boyd

Christopher Adams

Mrs. Eura Burris

Mr. Henry Walker

Mr. Fred Royal

Mrs. Lillian Powell

Mrs. Lena McCormack

Mr. John Courtney

Mr. Sutton Joyner

Mr. Willie Burton

Mr. Ronnie Dudley

Mr. James Earley

Mr. Walter Robertson

Mr. Billie Warren

Mrs. Mangiben Patel

Questions timing of attack on Iraq 010799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Clinton's defense hike: Too little, too late 010799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Without fear or favor 010899 - The Augusta Chronicle

Slams speedy auto advertisements 010899 - The Augusta Chronicle

Continues debate over fossil records 010799 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges conviction of Bill Clinton 010899 - The Augusta Chronicle

What ordeal? 010799 - The Augusta Chronicle

N. Augusta praise 010899 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts Gephardt's 'eloquent' speech 010799 - The Augusta Chronicle

IOC investigates land deal in Utah

Hall of Famer doing well

Samaranch defends receiving guns from Salt Lake

Prep notes

Hingis beats davenport at Hopman Cup

Lakeside swimmers squeak past Evans

Big money on table this year

Fishing report: Brrrrrrrr! But some folks went fishing just the same

ITF will seek one-year ban for Korda

Three pals head for Cooperstown

Bjorkman slams Korda, ITF over drugs

Weak hearts' strong hope: New aids for failing pumps

Closing in on cancer vaccines

ABC network keeps open arms for 'Cupid' sitcom

'Providence' puts perspective on trials of families

Club calendar

Applause calendar

Shock therapy not so shocking anymore

Theater serves more than popcorn

Home care lifts family of boy with rare disorder

Health and fitness calendar

Ramblin' Rhodes: Awards show promising for country's Dixie Chicks

Family pride flavors Ms. Miriam's burgers

Winter the season to plant fruit trees

A harmonious reunion

Mini movie reviews

1998 had little pop musically

ER for kids opening today

'Civil Action' like John Grisham for grown-ups

CBS starts new year in high-ratings style


Rust now wants to be seen

Health capsules: Restless legs

Video watch

What 1999 may bring in health

Artful yards

Pruning herbs now for more flavor

Concert calendar

Doctors warn that efforts to reduce C-sections hold dangers

Carotid artery thickness predicts likelihood of heart attack, stroke

Stars have superflares that could fry planets

Astronomers chase new theory of 'ghost galaxies'

Study suggests some avoid fat by fidgeting

FDA approves drug for troubled dogs

Microsoft aggressive with witness

Ford to install accident sensors

Plutonium migrated through groundwater at Nevada test site

Researchers: Humans caused extinctions in Australia

Off-line reading explores technology's beginnings

Innovations change TV

Barnes unveils high-tech initiative

CDC: Death toll eight from bacterial outbreak

Study: Pill has no long-term ill effects

Project puts histories on the Web

Trial judge cites AOL chiefs's interview