Study: HMO premiums on the rise

Long Term Care Insurance a growing option

Euro trading ushers in new era for world currencies

Frigid weather, Iraq concerns boost energy futures prices

Vodafone enters bidding for wireless giant AirTouch

Tire company taking applications

Developments may ease pain of rate increases

Dutch bank chief says queen may disappear from euros

PSC to investigate high gas prices

Slower economic growth expected

Delta screens job applicants

Additional business news

Mutual fund performance varied in 1998

Bulls -- real bulls -- saunter down Wall Street

Big money vaults Fiesta Bowl into elite

Fiesta Bowl didn't live up to hype

Holtz fills out staff, now work begins

Vols stick to Fulmer's plan

Tennessee wins Fiesta Bowl

Bowling over arguments about No. 1

Gamecocks lose to Kentucky

UConn stays No. 1 but No. 2 Duke gets closer

Jags, Lakers ready for shootout

Terrapins must put Duke loss behind them

Gamecocks will be challenged by Kentucky

Lady Jags' Barnhart to retire

Georgia College tops cold-shooting Pacers

Railroad, bank played key role
It began as a company to build a railroad, but at the end of the tracks, it was a bank.

About Celebrate 2000
With a new millennium fast approaching, The Augusta Chronicle is taking a look back at the Augusta-Aiken area's history to help residents understand their community's place in history.

About Celebrate 2000
With a new millennium fast approaching, The Augusta Chronicle is taking a look back at the Augusta-Aiken area's history to help residents understand their community's place in history.

Dates of the Millennium
A.H. Pemberton elected Augusta's mayor in 1836 .... England's King Henry VIII married his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves in 1540.

Document's signers buried in Augusta
George Walton and Lyman Hall -- Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence -- weren't born in Augusta or even in Georgia.

Step right up to the frantic 20th century!
ON INTERSTATE 80 IN NORTHERN NEW JERSEY -- In a realm where few want to slow down, he stops. As other cars barrel toward New York City, he calmly backs his into the foliage that separates the two coursing forks of I-80. He has come to watch people hurry.

Dates of the Millennium
In 1861, the local police force grew to 39 ... The Graniteville Co. planned a $7.5 million expansion in 1963.

Family pride flavors Ms. Miriam's burgers

Marshall will speak at banquet

NHL roundup: Bruins beat Flames

Lynx learn lessons

Brother accused in theft

Rare loss suffered by Lynx

Lynx ledger

New Augusta mayor sworn in

Business briefs

Quality restrictions delivered to facilities

Teen gets felony DUI

Governor-elect comes up with spending plan

Across the area

Railroad, bank played key role

EPD orders wastewater action

Salvage yard zoning request dealt setback

Judge promises to remain humble

Lumpkin's murder trial postponed

City's government wins finance award

Anecdotes e-mailed by readers

Mayor Young's inaugural address

Best Friend to make additional runs

Volunteers sought by new mayor

Hallway traffic jam

Mayoral oath

Dates of the Millennium

Gambling vote sought for next year

About Celebrate 2000

Step right up to the frantic 20th century!

Rising temperatures forecast

Frigid temperatures ready to hit Augusta

Cold fountain

Former teacher is guilty

Document's signers buried in Augusta

Police nab suspect in store robberies

Senator passes mantle

Young party celebrates unity

FBI probe exonerates deputies

Young directs first meeting

'Civil Action' like John Grisham for grown-ups

NBA talks to resume this afternoon

NBA players to vote Wednesday

Seifert to coach Panthers

Jaguars execute simple playoff formula

Chisholm leads the cheers

Falcons coach resumes duties

Replay could have ended 49ers season

Reeves returns to work

Big difference in '98 and '86 Jets

Denver's Davis voted best offense player

Niners woes on the road a concern heading into Atlanta

Elway, Marino to meet again

Martin focused on winning

Holmgren searches for a team

A new order to NFL's ruling class

Falcons notes: Hearst better at running

Mrs. Josephine Dillard

Mrs. Anna Floyd

Ms. Audrey Williams

Mrs. Frances Rhodes

Mr. Ronnie Chambers

Mrs. Nena White

Mrs. Etta Waites

Mrs. Mildred Williamson

Mrs. Mamie Dixon

Mr. Robert Wilson

Mr. Charles Rosier Jr.

High-Tech Tryouts

Mrs. Ella Thompson

Mrs. Sarah Newman

Mr. James Barnes

Mrs. Josephine Jackson

Mrs. Gertrude Janke

Mrs. Lindy Monroe

Mr. Brady Putzier

Mr. James Sanford

Mr. Harold Young

Mr. Richard Matherly

Mrs. Emily Connor

Mrs. Lindy Monroe

Mrs. Sallie Moats

Mrs. Sara Dessauer

Ms. Versie Poole

Mr. Murice Barefield

Mr. Grady Morrow Jr.

Mrs. Nina Walena

Mrs. Jeanne Simmons

Ms. Lizzie Hawes

Mr. Robert Seawell

Miss Sara Stoll

Mr. Norman Kearns

Mrs. Pauline Tucker

Mrs. Burma Osborne

Mr. William E. Cullum

Mrs. Lottie Brewer

Mrs. Martha Ward

Mr. Douglas Clayton

Mrs. Dorothy Bennett

Mr. Donald Thorpe

Mr. Johnny Lowe

Mr. Aubry Gibbs

Claims accused, jurors of same cloth 010599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Teacher passes torch for helping at-risk students 010599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Raps cartographer's ocean placement 010699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Focus on Medicare 010699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Soft on math 010599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits liberals for feminist manipulation 010699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says WWII vets discriminated against 010599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Explains military recruiting shortfall 010699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Suggests date for birth of Jesus 010699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Education top issue 010599 - The Augusta Chronicle

Set poker vote soon 010699 - The Augusta Chronicle

Tyson promises to be old self against Botha

Overtime: Florida dog points the way to derby title

Golf notes: Palmer adds caution to growth in golf

Becker, Rios slam state of tennis

FIFA, IOC clash on drugs

Feud between Boss and Berra ends

Davenport produces lone U.S. victory at Hopman Cup

Upcoming boxing schedule

Ryan, Brett, Yount await call from Cooperstown

Cubans to play Orioles

Small portions

Conroy negotiating for"GWTW" sequel

Restaurant trends look familiar

Why kitty isn't called watch cat

Temperature is critical for a roast

Drug combinations can often be deadly

Age old questions

Some Catholic colleges question proposal to shift control to bishops

Hill leads Grammy nominations with 10

Senior calendar

Flamers make cocktail comeback

Star power essential for movies

Children's television returns to the tried and true

Getting goat is first step to making delicious cheese, cheese products

Quick cooking with Karin

Simple risotto dish healthy without sacrificing flavor

Xtreme style

Hip-hop could be seen as the future of music

Net chat

Audio best

Xtreme calendar

A matter of resolve

Government prepares to call its final witness

Lander en route to Mars with shovel, microphone

Go2Net acquires Web21

The mouse in the house connects to an iMac

Modem maker shutting down after sale efforts fail

Software titles make pinball wizards of the masses

CBS replacing ABC as America Online's broadcast news provider

Four new colors, price cut, for Apple's iMac

'Cut and Glue' launches Elmer's into 3-D

Ye olde internet precursor

Users call for high-resolution thinking

New LCD technology and the first portable camera phone

Bruce Willis kills 'em all in 'Apocalypse'

Gates: Can't remember details of important 1997 deal

AT&T can also have 'mail'

Doctors brace for Y2K bug

PC pinball preserves a great tradition

Giant weeds worry wetlands biologists

Software executive calls Windows an `essential service'