Originally created 12/31/98

Cites evidence history repeats itself 123198 - The Augusta Chronicle

History does repeat itself as evidenced by the fact that both presidents who have been impeached were Democrats and a vicious, vindictive Republican House impeached them. Both were doing great things for the country.

President Andrew Johnson was impeached for the simple reason he did not follow a phony law that Congress had passed to protect one of his Cabinet members, the secretary of war, who along with this same vindictive Congress, wanted to punish the South even more than the war already had.

President Johnson wanted to bring the South back into the nation and assist Southerners in getting back on their feet.

In 1953, another vicious Republican Congress advocated impeaching Democratic President Harry Truman for firing an insubordinate, Gen. Douglas McArthur.

Seems like what the Republicans cannot get at the polls they try to achieve by impeachment ...

Just because so many of our leaders have had affairs, or have been rumored to have had them, does not excuse President Clinton's actions. I do not think it warrants $100 million investigating it. Nor does it rise to the level of impeachment. Nor do I advocate censure, as this would only weaken the presidency.

Carroll C. Kenny, Hephzibah


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