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99 things to look toward

1. General millennial revelry

2. The new Star Wars movie. Episode I: The Phantom Menace, is a prequel to the Star Wars trilogy. It's the story of Luke Skywalker's father, Anakin. The movie written and directed by George Lucas and starring Liam Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson is due in theaters May 21.

3. Enough water to keep your lawn and garden growing.

4. President Al Gore.

5. Barbara Walters' interview with Monica Lewinsky

6. Monica Lewinsky's tell-all book

7. Being able to write the date 9999 on Sept. 9.

8. The inauguration of Augusta's new mayor, Bob Young.

9. The inauguration parties.

10. Larry Sconyers getting back to barbecue.

11. The Atlanta Falcons playing in the NFC playoffs (and maybe even in the Super Bowl).

12. Super Bowl Sunday, Jan. 31.

13. The beginning of the Lou Holtz legacy at University of South Carolina.

14. The beginning Tommy Bowden legacy at Clemson.

15. The return of the song 1999 by the artist formerly known as Prince.

16. Really partying like it's 1999, because it is.

17. Seniors saying they're the class of 00.

18. The Georgia Games in Augusta July 22-25. Nearly 7,500 athletes will compete in at least 42 events.

19. The opening of Augusta's natatorium

20. The opening of a new high school in Richmond County. Cross Creek High School, which will draw students from overcrowded Butler and Hephzibah high schools, will open in fall 1999.

21. The Lynx making the playoffs. It's likely to happen since they're leading Southeast division.

22. Luxury suites at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center (hopefully by the next Lynx hockey season)

23. More inauguration parties for Bob Young.

24. The Sonic Boom of the South, Josey High School's band, performing in the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day.

25. Thomson High School's Bulldog Brigade Marching Band playing in the Orange Bowl in Miami on Saturday

26. A new soft drink, Storm, being test marketed by PepsiCo. It's a lemon-lime soda with caffeine.

27. Roy Barnes, new governor in Georgia, and lower property taxes.

28. Jim Hodges, new governor in South Carolina, and a state lottery.

29. The Goo Goo Dolls playing at Fort Gordon in April (keep your fingers crossed)

30. Fat Tuesday moving to Broad Street

31. The end of construction on Walton Way. The Public Works Department says it should be complete by early spring.

32. The Fantasticks being staged at Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre beginning Feb. 26. This is the longest running musical of all time, longer than Cats even and with a much better plot.

33. More pop and rock concerts at the civic center, Bell Auditorium and Jessye Norman Amphitheater

34. The filming of James Brown's biopic in his hometown

35. A movie theater with stadium seating at Augusta Exchange shopping center

36. The Greater Augusta Arts Council's inaugural Folk Festival in May

37. The King and I production Feb. 23 at Bell Auditorium

38. Something to fill the void at 9 p.m. Thursdays left by Seinfeld

39. A real coffee house in Augusta

40. James Brown's bid for the presidency

41. Jesse Ventura's bid for the presidency

42. The breakup of the Spice Girls

43. Hanson checking into rehab

44. The first ice show at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center on Feb. 15

45. Katarina Witt (hubah, hubah!)

46. Public skating at the civic center

47. A new ice rink, the Augusta Ice Forum, opening on Augusta West Parkway

48. Tom Jones in concert at Bell Auditorium, Friday, April 16

49. More Bob Young inauguration parties.

50. The baseball team of the 90s (The Braves) winning the last World Braves of the decade.

51. The GreenJackets home opener Monday, April 12, vs. the Charleston (W.Va.) Alley Cats.

52. The Jackets' new Major League team affiliation with the Boston Red Sox.

53. Masters Week (April 5-11).

54. Mark O'Meara's return to the Masters Tournament

55. Amateur Matt Kuchar's return to the Masters Tournament

56. Saying `Toonamint' again

57. Learning how to spell millennium

58. Bargain basement prices on Furbys

59. No more Newt

60. The Justice Department dropping its suit against Bill Gates when it realizes that, conveniently, he's the only one who can fix the Y2K problem.

61. Birth of another Gates and heir to Microsoft monopoly

62. Windows 99

63. Not having Windows 99

64. The annual Arts in the Heart of Augusta festival, Sept. 17-19, focusing on Ireland.

65. Celebrate 2000, a 16-month campaign sponsored by The Augusta Chronicle to commemorate the new millennium. There will be a page in the newspaper every day devoted to information about Celebrate 2000 projects, parties, and special events. Plus we'll look back at our history. See Friday's newspaper for more details.

66. High-speed Internet connections and digital cable in Augusta

67. The Oscars moving to a Sunday night (March 21), and the Greater Augusta Arts Council's second annual Oscar's Night party at Sacred Heart. Special guest "Al" from Home Improvement.

68. Porgy and Bess at Bell Auditorium, Saturday, March 13

69. Apocalyptic warnings about the end of the world from prophets of doom and religious fanatics

70. The end of the NBA lockout

71. The end of the Beanie Babies craze, if you hate 'em

72. If you love them, getting your hands on the newest Beanie: Halo the Angel Bear (at the suggested retail price of $6.95)

73. The end of bickering between the county commission and the airport commission

74. The blooming of the new species of azalea on Augusta's medians. The new bushes are from the `Girard' series of azaleas and should bloom later in spring, just in time for Masters Week.

75. The opening of Delta Air Lines call reservation center on Riverwatch Parkway and the creation of at least 200 jobs

76. Personal computers for $400

77. High definition TV sets getting cheaper by the day

78. More inauguration parties for, you guessed it, Mayor Bob Young.

79. Finally finding out if the world will shut down when Y2K hits at midnight on Jan. 1

80. Watching the last minute of frenzy of people who didn't believe in Y2K

81. New movies, including...

82. Scream 3. No cast signed yet, but Wes Craven will direct and Kevin Williamson will pen the script again. Release set for sometime in December. Rumor has it that the film will take place on the set of a horror film, where all of the actors start getting killed.

83. Eyes Wide Shut. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star in the first film in over a decade from director Stanley Kubrick (2001, Clockwork Orange, The Shining). No one knows exactly what it's about, but it kept Tom and Nicole from working on anything else for over a year. Rumor has it that it's a sexual thriller about two psychologists. Tentative release date is July.

84. Man in the Moon. This biopic of Andy Kaufman stars Jim Carrey (Truman Show) in yet another role that's part drama and part comedy.

85. 99 Violins. Madonna quit the film because she couldn't get along with director Wes Craven, so they hired Meryl Streep instead.

86. Gloria Sharon Stone stars in the role Gena Rowlands created in this remake of a John Cassavetes film.

87. Swing dancing, and other big-city trends finally reaching Augusta

88. The opening of Continuum, a new nightclub at 943 Ellis Street. Owner and metal sculptor Daniel Foreman describes it as a contrast between the 1930s and the 2030s. He expects it to be open by late February.

89. Construction of the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame and its Augusta Golf and Gardens attraction.

90. The goatee going out of fashion

91. The end of the '70s revival

92. Good champagne

93. 60 Minutes II starting Jan. 13

94. Renovation of the Miller Theater on Broad Street

95. Continued revitalization of downtown Augusta

96. A cure for AIDS

97. World peace (hey, we can dream can't we?)

98. New Year's Eve 1999 and a new crystal ball dropping in Times Square.

99. A New Year's Eve 1999 bash in Augusta, sponsored by The Chronicle. Details to come...


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