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Claims House ignored will of people 123098 - The Augusta Chronicle

I would like to preface this letter by saying that our governmental system is not perfect, still it's better than all the others in the world. Some unknown person said, "Everyone dislikes our system, except those countries who do not have it."

Regardless of how well something works, there are always areas where improvements can be made. The United States was founded on the principle, "Government of the people, by the people, for the people." It works, except it is a little difficult for "all the people" to be heard. The reason they cannot, is because of the extreme left and right wings of the political parties. These two small groups, totaling maybe 20 percent of the voters, are more vocal and work harder to get their views across. The other 80 percent have their individual feelings regarding the issues that surround the functions of government, but they are not obsessed. They don't try to force an agenda or try to get every other individual to believe as they do.

Even in the impeachment of President Clinton it appears that the wishes of a very large majority of the population were not taken into consideration. When the votes for the first impeachment charge were totaled, low and behold, only 10 legislators (two percent) deviated from the pack. It came down to " politics as usual." The majority of the people feel that President Bill Clinton should in some way be reprimanded forcefully. Still the voices of the people were not heard, as "censure" was not given any serious consideration. It just doesn't seem right that our country and its people should be subjected to the agony and disruption created by the process of an impeachment trial.

Hank Ford,Aiken

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